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California Sunshine - Sinking Sand

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California Sunshine - Sinking Sand


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Artist: California Sunshine

Title: Sinking Sand

Label: Out Of Orion

Date: 2003


Track listing:


01. The Pure

02. Whirlpool

03. Untitled

04. Full Power

05. Secrets Behind The Universe

06. Language

07. Voice Of God

08. Ghost Copies

09. Utopia




Well... What can I say... I do like Out of orion for their new input and their

melodic old school releases :) But this cd is just mediocre! I also think the

tracks are not what CS is making at this moment... i saw them live a few weeks

ago here in Belgium and it was much more Astrix-style. Anyway, we do have a

nice collection of old school music here, with Whirlpool already released on

Ptzatzot 2 I think... Most other tracks are in the same style, so rather

melodic, but with a sound quality and basslines that just sound old!

Exceptions are nummber 6 and 7, which are very good old school melodic

goa-trance. It gets a 6/10 from me (because I'm still an old school lover :))

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Guest Hippo

yeah, this sounds exactly like 7 years ago or so.. I'm surprised they still

release old school stuff like that. And I agree, it is just mediocre....

somehow I get the impression that they released some old tracks they still had

"left over" somewhere.

No rating from me, cuz I listened to the Boo Reka album before and the contrast

is just too huge :P

but it's a bit "too" much on the cheesey side for me, it lacks a certain

something that grabs you (besides a kicking bassline... that's why my

assumption that it is old stuff)

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Not quite the worst California Sunshine release yet! For a while it looked as

though this outfit was interested in at least tracking new developments, if

not actually advancing the sound at all. Now it appears they're even less

interested in actual progress than Astral Projection. Nice fluffy,

lightweight chewns for nostalgia, but as useful and relevant as glow sticks.

They could have released this one straight to the Trance Museum. 1/10,

because I reserve zeroes for the truly putrescent rather than the merely


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Guest Hippo

On that matter I have to add... check out the Miko X-Wave release on Arcadia

records... there is quite a few California Sunshine tracks and collaborations

on it and not a single one of them sounds like Old School Goa Trance, on

contrary, there is quite a few killers on it

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This is the Worst realese this year! Very Old and Poor style .

I've expected more from California Sunshine ... but... Yes i know - California

sunshine is an trance icon i this project cant do this ! I''ll not be

explaining this , find album and listen. [1/10 ] Im Sorry.

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His live set is 10x better! I'm a little dissapointed since I was really

looking forward to this album...

When i listened to it i just skipped and fast forwarded and skipped again.


I hope he'll do better next time.

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  • 1 month later...

awww come on you guys, this isn't THAAAAAAT bad!! By the sounds of it, I could

swear that it was made in 96, but if you like your oldschool goa and the CS

sound, then this is one for you!! Personally, I just love those

continuously-morphing melodies that just go on and on. And I think that some

tracks like Whirlpool, Language and Utopia still have their place in a

well-constructed morning set!! 9/10 Call me old-fashioned but I like it!! (of

course, if you were already bored by the CS sound since Nasha, then I guess

you shouldn't bother with this one...)

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  • 5 weeks later...

ah yes, now that's I've heard the live set I can understand why everyone's so

dissapointed. Indeed, contrary to what you'd expect from hearing this album,

Miko and Harr-El evolved their sound incredibly latey!! During their hour and

a half set, ALL the songs played were absolute killers!! I can't wait to hear

a new album with those tracks in it!!

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  • 11 years later...

I agree that it is not a great album, most tracks are missing something.

Track 1 is annoying (listen to it and you'll know what I mean). Still a couple of tracks are interesting, like 7-Voice of God and also 9-Utopia, both morning tracks. Utopia is the most interesting track in this album and maybe the softest one.

But this is not enough to recommend a buy. 5/10.

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Track 1 is annoying (listen to it and you'll know what I mean).


I know what you mean. In some way the percussion sounds off, the way it's set to the melody or even itself, but still, I bought Sinking Sand mainly for Track 1, because even though it sounds wrong, in a way for me it's a very interesting and impressive track, with a great intro/build up and very entrancing melody. Second favourite track is 7, Voice of God. Overall probably a weak album, but it has its few gems.

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