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"Small Time Criminals"


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Audiognomes proudly present


mixed by Underfoot & PsiloPsyBen



Posted Image



Download here:



Tracklist :



1. Pitch Hikers "Peaches" ['Twilight Zone' - Nexus Media]

2. Juno Reactor "Angels And Men" (X-Dream Remix) ['Solstice Black Compilation 01' - Solstice]

3. Sandman "Night Tripper" ['Future Sound Masters' - TIP New World]

4. Neuromotor "World of Chaos" ['Bloody Reality' - Acidance]

5. Combat "No Way Out" ['Vision Of The Future' - Apocalypse]

6. Talk Sick "Opposition" ['A Violent Re-Action' - Acidance]

7. Jelly Headz & CPC "Georgio Armani" ['Arc De Triumph' - Deja Vu]

8. Talamasca "Ghost In Goa" ['Generation of Psytrance Vol. 1' - Planet B.E.N.]



9. Artifakt "Reborn" ['Penguin Rebellion' - Nexus Media]

10. SunGirl Vs. Iron Madness "Buddhist Pyramidi" ['Hyperspacial Chrysalis' - Ketuh]

11. Quasar "OIiphant" ['Hate' - Golden Dawn]

12. Loke "Circel Cleansing" ['Lost In The Forest']

13. Penta "Past Holidays" ['Funraiser' - Auraquake]

14. Paranoise Vs. Claw "Psycho Witch" ['What Is The Rush?' - Alkaloid Productions]

15. Enichikin "Saw Nightmare" [unreleased]

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Thanx for the comments on the art work. That is all Underfoots work. if you want to see more of his art, go to this page. He is an artist at a game developer, so there is some good stuff there. I hope you guys enjoy this as much as I do. Lets hear some feedback, good or bad, I don't care.



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First half is a bit too fluffy handbag trance for my liking, though the georgio armani track is fun. If i had drunk a couple bottles of wine or if this set was on at the beginning of the night i'm sure i could get down.


The last 25mins of psilopsyben's set rock! Extremely psychedelic, very driving and awesome track selection. Spot on mixing too! Keep bringing darkness to this world psilopsyben, I very much hope to catch you at a festival / party one day!! :)


I thought the last track felt a bit hard for the sake of being hard (i don't really like noisy and scratchy), but it does go pretty psychedelic in a really awesome subtle way 3/4 of the way thru, then back into scratch territory (hmf).


I enjoyed the trip!

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Hmmm I saw juno reactor and I saw sandman, I have to listen to this mix, eventhough the tracklist doesnt attract me that much. But I am with moni, looks intressting.

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Oke, I like this hehe. I downloaded this at a total right moment. It fits my mood. I am only at the first track going into the 2nd, but so far I likeeeeeee :D

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shit :D

good mixing, nice tunes


i hope some party/festival organisers check out this :D

tell me if you'll be in europe summer of 2006 or/and 2007



I wish I could be in europe period. I am just a broke ass american. I'm glad you like it though. Maybe someday fate will smile upon me and I will be europe bound. Someday.

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Guest Cosmogenesis

I have listened the two-parts mix, and I think "Talamasca - ghost in goa" is a truely good choice to finish the first part of the mix and rebound to the second, because it kicks every ass! :lol:

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