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San Fran Psychos!

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San Fran Psychos1: Phantasmagoria


GEOMAGNETIC.TV is thrilled to announce their newest psychotropic psytrance compilation: San Fran Psychos1: Phantasmagoria.


Twisted, deep, dark, spooky, groovy, funky and unbelievably psychoactive! Phantasmagoria offers a unique time portal into the heart of the San Francisco underground psyscene with a fury of nighttime, dancefloor trips and treats! Vibrating at optimal velocity, each and every track assures the dancefloor spins out of control, the fabric of reality is rearranged and infinite dimensions are made accessible…


Within minutes, you’ll find yourself shaking your brain, stomping your feet and flying the mothership into the foggy extremities of your subconscious. Phatasmagoria delivers deep beats to ground you to the Earth, powerful, mind blowing samples and frenzied, cyberalien technology that is goes beyond previous psychedelic extremities. “Everything is a state of vibration…”


San Fran Psychos1: Phantasmagoria delivers unique power and style from the hottest, most cutting edge artists of the San Francisco psytrance revolution, including: Deeper In Zen, Mubali, Quasar, Penta, Chromatone vs. Random, Aeon and the highly anticipated debut release of Dr. Spook’s alter/altar ego, Mind Storm, plus more!


Warning!!!: You will not be able to stop dancing and you may find yourself buying a one-way ticket to San Francisco. Do not be alarmed, this is the intention.


Step into the trance formative energies of San Francisco and embrace your inner Psycho!


Located in San Francisco, CA, GEOMAGNETIC.TV is the world’s leading visionary mastermind in psychedelic visual and aural artistry. With past accomplishments such as Magnus and contributing to the cult classic Liquid Crystal Vision, as well as a plethora of future releases just minutes away, Random: Implicate Order and the highly anticipated Engrams1: Luminaria 2012, GEOMAGNETIC.TV bursts onto the scene full force as the hottest new generation label distorting your mind and body with cosmic psychedelic innovation.


Crank the volume and lose your mind with the wizards of the San Francisco underground!


Be on the lookout for the visual DVD version of San Fran Psychos1, coming soon!



For aural samples and to buy directly: http://www.geomagnetic.tv/releases/SanFranPsychos.htm


Track Listing:


1. Deeper In Zen - X-ider

2. Aeon - Amorphous

3. Chromatone and Random - Empty Oaths

4. Mubali - Standard Deviation

5. Quasar - Lum Bought A Me

6. Ocelot vs Vector Selector - The Bridge

7. Random vs Viral - Digital Downgrade

8. MegaDrop (Random vs Helios) - Frank-N-Stuff

9. Mind Storm (Dr. Spook) - Evil Jack Is Back

10. Penta - Frankenstein 2001


Audio CD Format: 10 Unreleased Psytrance Journeys. Presented Unmixed.


To acquire your CD visit: http://www.saikosounds.com/english/display...ase.asp?id=5309


Mastered by Chromatone




Distribution By Saiko Sounds



Artwork by Dr. Spook & GEOMAGNETIC.TV


For more information about upcoming releases: Random: Implicate Order, Engrams1: Luminaria 2012 & Wellspring 1- Equinocturnis, visit:


Magnus Re-Release!

Just in case you somehow missed it in 2004, Magnus, from the folks who brought you Liquid Crystal Vision, Minds Eye Media and the GodEgg, has been re-released! This collection of high quality 3D animation and trip visuals will blast your brain into a new form of visual and audio enlightenment. Video DVD Format 10 + Psychedelic Journeys by: ABA Structure with Irina Mikhailova, Growling Mad Scientists with X Wave, David Battenfield, Ursa Minor, Sasha, Scorb, Devient Species, Chromatone, Medicine Drum, Shpongle and more!

For more info about Magnus, see: http://www.geomagnetic.tv/releases/Magnus.htm


Buy your copy of Magnus here: http://www.saikosounds.com/english/display...ase.asp?id=4408


Dr. Spook

Nathan Vogel (a.k.a. DJ/VJ Doctor Spook) is an award winning artist that creates a wide variety of cutting edge digital projects, music videos, dance party projection graphics, DVDs, 3D interactive games, motion graphics, feature film special effects shots and original computer animated shows…along with mind blowing psytrance music. For more information see http://www.doctorspook.com, http://geomagnetic.tv & http://www.mindseyemedia.com.


Contact Info: info@geomagnetic.tv


For all GEOMAGNETIC.TV Offerings:



GEOMAGNETIC.TV…Come See The Music…

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