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Project Eleusis: The Bible of Psychedelics

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It’s Here!!!


Dropout Productions: Project Eleusis– January 9, 2006!




The world has not been the same since April 19, 1943, when Dr. Albert Hofmann discovered the psychoactive substance LSD. On January 9, 2006, Dropout Productions will be dropping their third psychedelic bomb, altering awareness once again… Project Eleusis. This compilation was created in honor of Dr. Hofmann’s 100th birthday and the profound and transformational tool that he offered human consciousness.


Project Eleusis is a carefully created scientific experiment bursting with ancient languages and geometric hallucinations. Intended as an intense psychoactive journey; listening at high volumes, while dancing ecstatically, will reverse the affects of psychological propaganda, disable mass filters and enable instant manifestation.


Psychedelic pioneers like Penta, Polyphonia, The Nommos, Kindzadza, Highko and Naked Tourist have ALL outdone themselves in their attempt to twist your mind beyond recognition and ignite your body with full power, psychedelic madness. The samples are powerful, the beats are intense, and the intent is extreme: you WILL be altered.


Another veil is lifted!


Project Eleusis is the official CD for “LSD: Problem Child and Wonder Drug”, the International Symposium on the occasion of the 100th Birthday of Albert Hofmann in Basel, Switzerland, Jan 13th – 15th. http://www.lsd.info


Track Listing:

1. Penta: Tollkorn (146 bpm)

2. Polyphonia: Illuminati (152 bpm)

3. The Nommos: Happy Hofmann 100 (150 bpm)

4. Kindzadza: Ritm Corr (148 bpm)

5. Highko vs Naked Tourist: Divine Blast (148 bpm)

6. Digitalist: Velotripper (150 bpm)

7. Candy Power: Time Racing (148 bpm)

8. The Galactic Brain: Mind Manifest (147 bpm)

9. Ocelot: Happy Birthday (148 bpm)


Get It Now:



Mastered by Lawrence Hoffman aka Chromatone



Artwork by CristalSource (Dropout Productions)


Mystical Experience – 100th Birthday of Albert Hofmann

Sunday Jan.14th 2006 in Basel, Switzerland



For more information about Albert Hofmann, please see these websites:





Dropout Productions http://www.dropout-productions.com


Dropout supports the success of psychedelic trance culture by unearthing mind expanding sights & sounds, and seeking the most innovative doorways to novel realms of being. We promote music & art that clear the mind of the dancer; honoring the true origination of the word PSYCHEDELIC, from the greek words:


psyche: soul, mind, thought and spirit

delos: to make visible, clear


Dropout is dedicated to encouraging psychedelic trance and art that skyrockets dancefloors into full force overdrive.


Our mission is to amplify, strengthen and celebrate psychedelic soundscapes and atmospheres. Our vision embraces healing sound, ecstatic dance, tribal culture, and unifying ancient traditions with new emerging technologies.


We are dropping out and weaving psychedelic trance culture throughout planet earth!


Contact Dropout: info@dropout-productions.org


For info about our artists: http://www.dropout-productions.com/artists.shtml


For booking: booking@dropout-productions.org


To view our releases: http://www.dropout-productions.com/releases.shtml



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