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MFG - Message From God

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MFG - Message From God


HOM-Mega Productions, 2006




1. Save Yourselves

2. For The Future Of Man-kind

3. Shining Faces

4. Positive Energy

5. In Search Of Truth

6. The World Is A Narrow Bridge

7. Enlightment

8. Life Is A Strange Journey

9. Shma Israel




HOM-Mega's first release of 2006 is the long awaited 5th album of psytrance pioneers MFG - Message From God. Guy Zukrel (aka Passenger) & Aharon Segal have teamed up again to bring forth a wonderful journey of old school trance mixed with new wave atmosphere and industrial beats.




(cover and samples of the new album available)

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Guy Zukrel (aka Passenger) & Aharon Segal have teamed up again to bring forth a wonderful journey of old school trance mixed with new wave atmosphere and industrial beats.


Sounds promising.
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they are one of my all time best

never have let me down

hope i evolved the same way with these guys

and still can enjoy their music


(in other words hope its not fullon and they will surprise me and hit me with a shock when i put the album just like it happened with their any other album)

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Guest The Journey Man Project

not surprised, yet again after the $$$ ... truly a message from god, who also seems now-a-days to be after $$$ and not saving man kind...

Edited by The Journey Man
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well, boycot it... and listen to the old MFG stuff.. i have much nice MFG tracks scattered on old pulse/goahead/tantrance compilations :)

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hey everybody,


i am from israel, and the trance scene in our country is commercial,and the music is the same full on, so it is sad for me that MFG is also falling into the full on style,but the reason for all these is:


in israel the economic situation is very bad,so the artist need to earn some money for living,like everybody,and the best thing they know to do is music,so they have to create something that pepole buy,and only in that way they can earn money,from cd sales and live shows etc'...


i am sure that if the economy situation in israel was better than artist could make an original trance music,and not the same thing like full on...this is only question of money...


the spirit in the music is died long ago...and the message that music brought...


personaly i am listening at my home only old classic stuff...and make goa trance style without full on element....


u listen my track in : http://art.o-zen.com/goahead


i think the economic situation on europe is better than israel...therefore we can see more styles of trance coming from europe...goa...progressive...minimal trance...techno trance....


in israel it is all full on...................


even the labels manger in israel dont import cd's from europe style goa trance...and minimal...so pepole like me who wants to buy somethimg like goa trance...or minimal trance...we cant do that because there are no music that style in shops...

everything is full on...


and when i listen that there are labels like suntriprecoreds...and tranceformrecords...

that release goa trance compilation and artist album,there is some hope that also in israel the labels start to published goa trance music...

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Elad mate, it’s good to see you here

You know I like you and I respect you (and your music) a lot

But what you wrote here is mostly crap

I’m not sure about this entire “economic” situation, sounds like a lame excuse to me

But I won’t get into that…

But I tell you this: there are enough young artists in Israel that are producing trance other than fullon and some even make very quality music – I’ve noticed that today’s releases are mostly fullon or progressive (I am not sure which one I hate more…)


Now the thing about Europe: I think most of the stuff coming out of there is the same crappy-identicall-isratrance-fullon-type of fullon…

I don’t see much difference between isra-fullon from “dark” or what ever you wise to call it that came from Europe.


The difference is… that there is much bigger variety of labels in Europe that seeks new refreshing music, so here and there quality tunes keeping coming out…




Well… I’m out of stuff to say now, so I’ll end it here and let you DISCUSS

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Considering full-on is the most popular form of psy trance it stands to reason many artists produce full-on because they genuinely like full-on.


I sincerely doubt it's always about making as much money as possible, some artists are above all that.

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I'm not a great fan of full-on...


                        .... BUT IT'S FULL-ON FROM MFG !!!!!!!



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HAHAHA Worst argument EVER!

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I suspect because all artists, even artists we greatly respect and admire, are capable of releasing crap.


I'm not saying the new MFG album is crap (I've not heard it) but there's a chance it might be.

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yeah, something like that. If a band or act releases an album it doesn't automaticly mean its a great album! Compare it to Metallica , everyone loved their first albums.. after that they started to release crap, especially "St. Anger" but many people still liked it because it was "the fucken' 'tallica man!!!" ;)

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Hello freinds.... im in the army now so its very hard for me to update with all the trance news.


im happy to hear that Message from god are back to buisness, but i knew its gonna be full on, in the minute i heard "shining faces" i knew it... but what can we do?


Afgin, maybe you dont remmember me, but i met you at Astral projections artist workshop in sep. 2003. sience than i heard many of your tracks (Salton sends me every now and then) and i must say your music is Amazing.... you are very talented indeed. i dont know if theres a direct connection between the economic situation in israel and the trance scene, though sience the situation got a little bit fucked up the trance scene is going down too...

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