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V/A "Hate" Golden Dawn Records Out now !

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V/A "Hate" Golden Dawn Records (God 002)




Tracklist :


M.W.S. (Austria) - Hexenhammer

CANDY POWER (Russia) - Terminator

QUASAR (Usa) - Oliphant

ALIEN MENTAL (Usa) - Nukem

PHOBIUM (Norway) - 8 bit future

ALIENATION vs M.I.T. (Greece) - Robo terrorist

SILENT HORROR (India) - Nocturnal wizard

PEACESPECT vs DEJAN vs HISHIRYO (Swe/Fra) - Fort europa

SAVAGE SCREAM (Japan) - Acid clown



After the great response of the first "Dreams like desert" compilation, the

sinister GOLDEN DAWN RECORDS presents another piece of innovative

psychedelic trance release for nightime, including nine unreleased tracks of

worldwide respected and innovative composers.


This release is available in 500 handnumbered copies worldwide.


No more repress.

Not for Mp3/traders or Cd-r followers !

Not for sun lovers !

For True open minded listeners and ancetral dancers only.


Not available in all usual online shops. Underground spirit release here.


Available here only :









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