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Soulclipse Festival - Turkey 2006

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I think I'm going, for the weekend. I will most probably (oh please no more obstacles, please) be there at the 31th of March, early in the morning. :)


ah great, yes! It would be an unforgettable loss for me to not come to this grand festival in my own country.


see you on the floor :D

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Warm Greetıngs from Turkey!


Nıce wheather over here, don't forget your sunscreen & aftersun :)

Brıng a warm sweater for the nıghts though...


We dropped by Indıgo Kıds' headquaters ın Antallya & even got a sneak prevıew of the lıne up. Not a sıngle cancellatıon so far, so thıngs are lookıng good.


One hot tıp for all of those that are commıng: there wıll be a Soulclıpse-compılatıon for sale on the festıval, ıncludıng some exclusıve tracks!


C U guys soon or start eatıng your keyboard wıth frustratıon :)

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I wanted sooooo badly to go to this fest..

But i didn't manage to save the money and was to lazy to work.. and nobody wanted to go with me because of the ticket price..

fuck fuck fuck! FUCK! :(


Have a wonderfull time guys!!!!

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Posted Image

picture of mainstage in turkey, there's an incredible storm going on, weather is insane and expected to get even worse all week, pass this msg to your friends to avoid people going there cause it's possible right now that all event will be cancelled. At least check out with sources that you have that are allready there to know what's going on .THIS IS NOT A JOKE !!!!!!!!!!

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After the 1st panic attack seeing the pictures of the collapsed mainstage:




and hearing the rumours about possible cancellation due to even worse expected weather then is going on right now, things seem to have calmed down. The 2nd stage is running since half about half an hour (19.00 hours CET) in pooring rain....but it's running. As far as possible the organisation will try and rebuild the mainstage to have things up and running on both stages a.s.a.p. For info please check the website of Soulclipse: http://www.soulclipse.com for any updates or check this post ! If you decide to go after all, then prepare well for a very wet week which is expected, and inform yourself well with people that you know are allready there what's the exact situation.....I wish you all goodluck and hope this post helped a bit....all the love and sunshine wished to you all out there from here in Venezuela !!!!


For more updates also check:



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There is so much I want to say, but I'll try to keep it as short as possible...


The organisers had all odds against them. Before the party there where numerous reports about the lineup being a big hoax, and the party certainly got a very rough start. I arrived in Antalya airport Sunday afternoon, and got on one of the many busses to the festival - and here the trouble started. There was a checkpoint where people had to buy tickets, and it was somewhat a mess, which resulted in two of my friends (who bought tickets from others beforehand), had to buy new tickets for 180 euro a piece - I heard others had the same problems.


From the checkpoint we had to get on to the festival in some old open trucks provided by the locals, and it was quite a ride on wet, slippery gravel roads, and we had to stop a few times because the roads where blocked because of the rain. But we got there anyways, and set up our tents in the dark.


The first day of the festival started promising - in the daylight we could see that the location was absolutely amazing, and the weather was warm and sunny up till in the middle of the afternoon where we experienced the infamous thunderstorm. It started a few minutes before the opening-ceremony, the entire site got flooded and the main-stage collapsed - I guess you've all seen the pictures. A few hours later the alternative stage started though - I don't know who played, but everyone had huge smiles on their faces and went completely mad in the mud - a marvellous sight.


After that the festival went great, with warm weather and only a little bit of rain, and continued to get better and better. All 3 soundsystems where very powerful, and the lineup was insanely good, so I missed a lot of good acts, but heard great music by acts like Beckers, FREq, Ticon, Atmos, Protoculture (cool move with the special Soulclipse intro), Andromeda, Liquid Soul (even though Andromeda and Liquid Soul would have been better in the morning or daytime) and of course Hallucinogen - even though we where sitting in the mountains to witness the eclipse, we could hear the music, and especially the roar of the crowd. I don't think I've ever heard such loud bursts of screaming and shouting at a trance-festival ever in my life, as I did during his set. Even though I missed the experience of Hallucinogen on the dancefloor, the spot we found on the mountain was amazing though - at the eclipse we had a clear view over the river and mountains, and it will forever be printed in my mind as one of the best experiences of my life.


In my opinion my last day on the festival was musically the best - I got up pretty early to catch the last part of Deedrah's set, followed by a liveset by Son Kite (which started just as the sun came started to shine over the hills) starting with some dirty minimal Minilogue-sounds, and slowly getting more and more intense. Son Kite was followed by Vibrasphere, Phony Orphants, DJ Emok, Pixel and DJ Nate (Protoculture), and I had a great time on the dancefloor before I had to leave early in the night to catch a flight home.


It was really impressive that they managed to get the main stage back up and running after 3 days, and even though the organisation encountered some huge problems, they worked really hard and where very friendly towards me - especially big thanks to Ozzy and Götzhlich who both helped me out a lot. Despite being short of one stage for half the festival, almost all DJ's and artists got to play - I played my 3 hour chillout set on schedule, and I was supposed to play a 2 hour set at the alternative trance-stage, but ended up playing a 1 hour set for an almost empty dance floor, due to Star Sounds Orchestra opening the main stage at the same time. Oh well, no reason to complain - it was a great honour to play at the festival, and I had a great time anyways :-)


There was definitely bad stuff to be said about the festival - I have already mentioned a few things, and it's already worth mentioning that prices where very expensive, the lineup was for most part a big mess and the toilets where horrible - but all things considered it was an amazing experience, mostly because of the eclipse, the great music, the beautiful location, the international crowd and the very uplifting vibe that surrounded this festival.


Hello to everyone I met in Turkey, and to everyone I would have liked to meet, but where I didn't get the chance: see you in Japan in 2009!

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I wish to thank everyone who came here and breathed the same air and danced on the same floor with me. It was the best thing ever happened in my life, it was great.


ah well try as I may, nothing will be enough to tell my joy for "living" this "experience".

beautiful people came together with beautiful music in a beautiful place...


just, thank you. :D


to the next gathering of the tribes...

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I mostly agree with Pr0fane's report, nicely put dude :)


The first day I wanted to buy long papers from some Israeli shop (5 euros! terrible fake-ass capitalist pseudo-hippies :() Other than that, this festival was really amazing. Lovely weather, after the sun- and monday I mean. The collapse of the main stage was really sad but I couldnt help laughing, because I had been told by a lot of people already that it looked way too fragile. And indeed it did; trusses were bent almost 180 degrees, everything look so totally destroyed that it was utterly funny to me. And well, in most cases I think its better to laugh than to be sad. :)


First morning I got woken up by the lovely soudns of Absolum (didnt know his music) and since we were camped on the hills right behind the second stage, I only needed to pull on some pants, jump out of my sleep and my tent and I was on the dancefloor! Woohoo! That's what I love about festivals!

Saw a half hour of his set and really liked it and to my great surprise I had warmed up for RINKADINK! YEAH! That was a bigass surprise, the sun was coming up and I was dancing barefeet, meeting a lot of people already. Just perfect. :)

Great set, followed by a pretty live set from Hydrophonic; also nice, but not quite morning music, if you ask me.


Other great sets I heard were from Hallucinogen of course ( I WANNA HAVE BIG TITS! ), Andromeda (really nice! especially since i missed chromsome! btw; i think there was way too much night-time-stuff and not enough melodic psy, but that's another note), Antidote I think, Liquid Soul were also great!, Freq was nice, D-Nox too [though a bit cheesy], Hilight Tribe were awesome for a change and the only really really LIVE act!

I also liked Grapes of Wrath and Haltya although both were absolutely non-live, in which case i get disappointed a little bit... and I was. even though i had a nice dance to both.

Talking about disappointments: Infected Mushroom were by far the worst act of the whole festival. It didnt really sound special to begin with, but then when the bald dude (which of the two is he?) start 'rapping' to Cities of the Future, I really didnt know which way to turn or how hard to start laughing. Before they started, we tried to create a yell by screaming "No Vocals! No Vocals!" but I guess unfortunately it didnt quite help... ;)

Midimiliz&Spirillianz were strangely enough totally miscasted, their set didnt really do it for the crowd.

Unfortunately HuxFlux didnt show up, I was really erally anxious for their set! Missed; Protoculture, Son Kite (damn! because of the messy line up I got up just after their set... Vibrasphere wasnt too special, imo)

I saw almost 2 hours of Simon's Shpongle-set; magnificent! It might have helped a little bit that we had had german acid-laced jägermeister, but wooooow! A totally full chillout with everybody dancing; it really was a great set! My finnish neighbour remarked that if you put Shpongle at the main stage at midnight everybody wouldve gone totally insane and I agree! Would love to see that happen! :) Really colorful set with a lot of feaks in cool costumes and weird outfits. Fantastic show!


Despite every single shop being somewhat of a ripoff (meals werent enough to satisfy anyone's hunger) and beers were extremely expensive too, no even to start about the supermarket, this was one of the best festivals i've been too.

Not so many fucked up people, a lot of love and a brilliant atmosphere. I've realised that Japanese people rock big time (and so did everyone i met). This was truly an international festival! Very much so! :)


I also realised that 7 days of trance is a tad too much for me. I wouldnt have minded more variation and things to do, but what the heck.


Thanks to everyone, including the organisation. Also the Turkish people, because they're probably the friendlist i've met sofar! :)

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ive heard that IM got eggs and stuff throwed at the stage, is that true?




anyway, it seems like a great festival. but the decor looks a lot like to the TF festival one in Brazil this february

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Hey Charly, could you maybe change your username? It's a bit too similar to mine, and being insecure, it kinda gets to me somewhat.

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