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Soulclipse Festival - Turkey 2006

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See ya on the dance floor.. ;)



Hey Goannes I'll see you there too, flight is booked :D (I still nearly fell off my chair when I saw the price though!)



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As for Samotraki festival i was there and i payed 160 euros

and that was 3 years ago.. ;)  and that was just a festival..no eclipse happening

there..but alot of cops..


haha at least the place in Samothraki is magical and its still magical if the weather is cloudy,if you know what i mean.
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as time passes .. even if the line-up gets "bigger" .. i'm leaning towards not going ...

i'm loosing motivation here apparently.

there are great festivals during summer .. for less money.

i've already seen 2 eclipses ..

friends seem to not want to go anymore because of prices ..

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I'm definately coming, somethings telling me it will be a unique experience in all aspects of everything allways (tickets bought btw) ;)

And the line-up is amazing, but what's more amazing is the fact that it's only half of it (that's what Indigokids are saying).

And the most positive thing about the line-up is that almost all genres of pystrance are included.

F.e. -> Progressive: Phoney Orphants, Ticon, Atmos, Son Kite...

-> Dark: Kindzadza, Digital Talk, Penta,...

-> Full-on: Protoculture, Rinkadink, Wizzy Noise...

-> Psytek: Midi Miliz, X-Dream,...

-> Oldschool sound is missing, but oldschoolacts such Hallucinogen, Absolum, Antidote are their...

-> Crazy Finnish/(dont if know its all Finnish)... sounds: There are rumours Texas Faggot, Kiwa, Squaremeat, Eraser vs Yojalka are plaing.


And that's not even 1/3 of the line-up.



Not the mention the solar eclipse ofcourse B)


Only thing that's bothering me is the organisational aspects and the fact you don't have much transparancy in the organisation and their eagerness with giving information.

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Lineup has just been updated.


LIVE Trance Stages:


Absolum - 3D-Vison

Ajja - Peak

Alternative control - Spun

Andromeda - Milenium

Antidote - GBU Recs

Apex - Peak

Astrix - Hommega

Atmos - SpiralTrax

AtomicPulse - B.N.E.

Azak Syndrom - 3D-Vison

Bon - Digital Psionics

CPU - 3D-Vison

CCL - Doof

ChemicalDrive - Utopia

Chromosome - Milenium

Deedrah - Spun

DeeperInZen - Solar

Digital Talk - Acidance

Dissosiative - Acidance

DMMT - Free Fall

Domestic - Hommega

Double Impact

D-Tek - Maia

Echoteck - Timestech

Eraser Vs Yojalka - Exogenic/Sonic-dragon

Eskimo - Phantasm

Etnica - Etnicanet

EVP - Wild things

Fatali - B.N.E.

Fungus Funk - Acidance

GMS - Spun

Grapes Of Wrath - Parvati

Hallucinogen - Twisted

Haltya - Exogenic

Hilight Tribe - Kosmik Hoboes Rec

Hux Flux - Spiral Trax

Hydrophonic - Nano

Hyperfrequncies - Mechanik Records / Acidance

Ibojima - Spliff

Infected Mushroom - Hommega

InnerAction - Procion

Jellyheads - Trishula

Kindzaza - Parvaty

Kiwa - Exogenic

Lani - Kairoo

Lish - Compact

Loopus in Fabula - Loopus in fabula

Lunaspice - Bus

Mekkanikka - Spirit Zone

Menog - Spectralrecords/PlanetBen/Timecode

Midimilz - Boshkebeats

Naked Tourist - Parvati

Neuromotor - Acidance

Ocelot - Drop Out

Oforia - B.N.E.

Para HaLu - Parvati

Penta - Spectralconcept

Phatamatix - Acidance/Redcells

Phony Orphants. - Iboga

Pixel - Hommega

Popstream - Spun

Protoculture - Nano

Peaking Goddess Collective - Peak

Reality Grid - Wild things

Rinkadink - Alchemy

Shanti - Spun

Son Kite - Digital Structures

Squaremeat - Exogenic

S>Range - Spiral Trax

Star Sound Orchestra

Sub6 - Hommega


Texas Faggot - Exogenic

Ticon - Digital Structures

Timelock - B.N.E.

Total Eclipse

Tribal Tul - Tribal Records

Wizzy Noise - Harmonia

X-Dream - Boshkebeats

Yab Yum - Peak

Yotopia - Flow


DJ's Trance Stages:


Alex Boshke - G+ / Boshke Beats

Ans - Nano

Antaro - Spirit Zone

Anti - Spiral Trax / ACDC

Arturo - Maia

Baba D

Beauty & Beat - Synergy Tribe

Beckers - Sprout

Bog - Compact

Chris - Fullmoon

Cosmic Serpant - DMT

Dhira - Body and Mind/ Dragon Hunter

Dica - Doof

Dimitri Nakov - Spun

D-nox - Sprout / plastik park

Don Ziggy - stardustcreations

Dris Hadra - Hadra

Edoardo - Nurobiotic

Eyal - Hommega

Feio - xxxperience

Goetz - Synergy Tribe

Greg - Mandala

James Liquid - Liquid Connective

John 00 Flemming

Kemix - Psy 16

Ketamind - Doof


Kristian - Antiworld

L'elf - TurboTrance

Arch 070 - Arche Of Alliance Project

Mars - Acidance

Mat Mushroom - Mushroom Magazine

Mindsphere - Psyturk

Moonchild - Intelligent Monkey

Mute - Saklikent

Nirmalji - Noise Poison Rcds

Zefer - Neutronix

Ozzie - Tribedelic

Pan - Etnicanet

Paul Tylor - Spun

Pena - Flow

pr0fane - Dance N Dust

Raptor - Australiens

Redax Mental - Interzone/Psytronic

Sal - Stargate

Sally Dollaly - Plastic Park

ShaneGobi - Alchemy

Slater - Tribal Vision Records

Stella Nutella - Sweden

Taka - Mother

Trip Tych - TurboTrance

Triptamine -

Universal - Saklikent


Young - Etnicanet

Zen-g - Groove Meditation


Chillout lineup:


Bon - Digital Psionics

Deeper in Zen - Soular

Dica - Doof

Digital Mystery Tour -

DJ Kris "Elysium"

Dymons - Peak


Flooting Grooves PearceVan - Peak

Fundeela - PeaceCenterCorp/NovaTekk

Ghost - Nano


Ishq - Aleph Zero

James Liquid - Liquid

Jon - SangitaSounds

Liese - Mushroom Magazine


Michele Adamson - Spun


Nova - Ultimea/Antiworld

Peaking Goddess Collective - Peak

PKS - Chill Tribe

pr0fane - Dance N Dust

Ramses - Mad Hatter


Shahar - Aleph Zero

Shulman - Aleph Zero

Simon Spongle - Twisted

Slater - Tribal Vision

Soul Surfer - Millenium


Tajmahal - ElectrikDream/Ultimea

Tripple Distilled - Boshke Beat/ G+


Vataff - Vataff Project

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quite true ... a big mofo line-up. tough one. i keep recalculating free days i can get from work in march vs. cost of festival. damn!


GO MONI! GO! GO! GO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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