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Ticon - Zero Six After


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How come this hasnt been reviewd properly, did I miss a post? Anyways, I made this extra-special review with a photo representing the thoughts each track gives me! Yay, a photoreview, you dont have to read!!!


1. Prologue

2. Kids of the 80's

3. U make me wanna drink more

4. In the dirt

5. Poem for granny

6. In stereo

7. Rip it up

8. Chicken shaker

9. The analogue H

10. Six years after



I have been a fan of the Scando sound since its very beginning, and therefore I have been following Ticon ever since they first started with the aptly named "Ass-Tronaut" track. What makes them stand out from the rest of their scandinavian colleagues, however, is the element FUN. It starts with the track names, if i were to make a top ten of my fav. track names, at least 5 of them would be ticon ("we are the mammoth hunters", "ü make me wanna drink more" "the clown smells like gasoline" etc...). Then it continues with the production and overall feel of their music, its "in your face", exciting, huge basslines and melodies, instead of the typical restraint and subtlety that we usually know and love from our northern friends.


So, just like Jesus, let me use an analogy. Son Kite is a fine red Bordeaux Wine, lots of subtle nuances, it gets quite heavy sometimes, the aftertaste is complex and almost more important than the real taste. Atmos is "Crystal", the $500 champaign all the rappers keep babbling about, its sparkly, light, care-free, subtle and sophisticated. Ticon, on the other hand, is BEER!!!


And this album is more Beer than the previous two. That means, for example, that unlike most other proggy artists, Ticon has picked up the pace instead of slowing it down. Therefore they have landed right in the gap between the normal proggy stuiff, which has been getting slower, and the full-on shit, which has been getting faster and more obnoxious every time i look. Anyways, IMHO, the result is pure Psytrance, not progressive, not electro, not club, but good old psychedelic trance the way it should be done if the Full-On Virus hadnt killed this style of music and given it a bad name. This album just overwhelms the listener with its sheer power at some points, the sounds jump out of the speakers in amazing plasticity, influences and ideas from other scenes wait around every corner, its like one big psychedelic circus and the Ticon Guys are standing in the middle of the manege directing the whole show. There are ten different performances in this circus:


1. Prologue: Tweedle deedle deedle, tweedle deedle, deedle tweedle...(just another one of them prologues....)


Posted Image


2. Kids of the 80's: This track sounds very normal without being normal at all. That means there are lot weird influences mixed together, 80's synths that sound straight out of a videogame, that weird twisted vocal from beat bizarre and the mammoth hunter remix, a very groovy and danceable beat plus typical prog. psy sweeping sounds. maybe its the name of the track, but it makes me think of Daniel-San on Acid.


Posted Image


3. U make me wanna drink more: Remember when He-Man kept talking about "...by the power of Grey Skull" when you were a kid? He must have been thinking about something like this, because this track is HUUUGEEEEE!!! It starts the moment the bassline kicks in, every mammoth hunter would be be goddamn proud of it, and accelerates even more when the electro starts during the break. Skeletor, why dont you try to fuck with this bad boy!!!!


Posted Image


4. In the Dirt: The oldest-sounding track on here, but still great. Its got that typical galopping beat that was in fashion around 2000-2001, mixed in with some nice euphoric pads, very straight forwad and nothing fancy, but it works and will get everyone dancing.


Posted Image


5. Poem for Granny: It starts grooving and tribal, and then in the break a shifting electro bassline kicks in, weird twisting sounds move all over, a cool female sample flies around here and there, tweedling sounds, what a beauty!! Even though its not my fav track on here, it shows everything that is great about Ticon, the diversity, the skill, the danceability, its like Ticon is trying to show off their skills. As Cartman would say: RESPECT MY AUTHORITAHHHHHH!!!!


Posted Image


6. In Stereo: Ticons take on Electro-house, so its trancy psychedelic electro house. The dominant element is a pulsating synth not unlike Der Dritte Raum "Hale Bopp", but everything is covered in lush pads and atmospheres. It would mix perfectly with Antix "Le Lascard".


Posted Image


7. Rip it Up: So far my favorite track, even thogh it sounds very simple. But its just the simplistic scenic beauty of the string arrangement and soundsscape that really gets to me, its so innocent and naive. The effect this track has on me is kinda like that song "Silhouette" by Kenny G., and that is not an insult coming rom me, I love that track (and Kenny G. in general :ph34r: ).


Posted Image


8. Chicken Shaker: So, I guess there was no way to avoid it, Ticons try at making full-on. The basslines makes me vomit, but the rest of the track is actually very funny, especially the lyrics. the rest of the arrangement is also quite clever, but with that bassline i refuse to listen to it.


Posted Image


9. The Analogue H: FINALLY!!!! Someones remixing Union Jack!!!! YAY!!! Ive been waiting for this moment for a very long time. And its a very good reworking, it could be a little slower, but thats why i have a pitch on my turntable. The Union Jack melody is incorporated beautifully , the bassline is typical groovy Ticon material, just a real feel-good track for the sunrise! Now Im just waiting fo someone to finally remix "Red Herring" ( Son Kite??? I know you read here sometimes...)


Posted Image


10. Six years after: It has been noted this track sounds somewhat like Shilohs Focus remix. And that is certainly true. The tweedling sounds and the "travelling bassline" are the main reason for that, methinks. But this track is brilliant enough to shine on its own, first of all because of that chanting male vocal, and also because of the intense electro-middle part. One of those goosebump tracks, even moreso than Shilohs Son Kite mix. Brilliant ending to a brilliant album!!



Posted Image


Soooo, that was it, this album rawks, you should really get it, or you will miss on a whole lot of fun. The only thing i dont like here is the use of samples, sometimes it gets a little annoying, but then this is also one of reasons why Ticon is Beer and not wine. The most convenient way to get it is the Digital Structures mp3 store which can be found on the DS website, it works really well and then its only 6.99. Have fun!!

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Artist: Ticon


Album: Zero Six After


Label: Digital Structures


Web: http://www.mpdqx.com/digitalstructures/


Year: 2005


Format: CD


Posted Image





01. Prologue

02. Kids Of The 80`s [135 BPM]

03. U Make Me Wanna Drink More [136]

04. In The Dirt [140]

05. Poem For Granny [135]

06. In Stereo [130]

07. Rip It Up [136]

08. Chicken Shaker [139]

09. The Analogue H [138]

10. Six Years After [135]



What's this about


Filip Mårdberg and Fredrik Gilenholt have been changing the musical landslide of electronica, exploring different facets of their sound on every album with an unchanging attitude towards transformation, transmutation and personal evolution. Like tastes change, so do their rhythms and this obviously something they enjoy doing. Too worried about the next-best-thing to break all barriers, I forgot there is still music out there that subtly tweaks bits and pieces of the puzzle, channeling quality in the highest denominator to create… well… art…



Per-song break-down


01. Prologue *

The prologue (man, this getting trendy, huh?) is sonic redemption in less than two minutes. The kind of sweet melody juggling those magic notes you expect to hear when a life changing event happens. And if it doesn't well... at least the music is there.



02. Kids Of The 80`s

Being an 80's child makes me feel like I skipped a good ten years of productive life. Consequently I don't miss rappers hanging with wall-clocks from their necks, nor Madonna in lycra. Thankfully the song strips down the 80's of all those qualities we would rather forget with a reminiscent retro-beat, jumping right into progressive of the new millennium once the bass starts going. The pitchy synth does retain some of the old-school oscillation, alongside the vocals bits melting well together. Once again, the 80's are not my favorite theme so the song in itself is not overly appealing, but since its Ticon doing this, they could very well have placed broken glass for the kicks and still get away with it.



03. U Make Me Wanna Drink More *

Now kids nobody is condoning alcoholism, but every now and again an angel crosses your path and the inhibitions get mixed up with a death-wish to gulp just a bit more, so you can go chat the hottie in the corner. That growing pre-AA gut feeling to grab the bottle, surfaces as the post-New Order grungy synth starts taking force. The bass has that bad-ass feeling strengthening your confidence for the hunt ahead. Incredible groove as usual.



04. In The Dirt *

‘In The Dirt' has all the tall-tale signs of a great outdoor tune several months late for the summer solstice. Well there's always next year and it's so massive, you might as well hear it from now until then. For all effective purposes this is progressive at its best, building a monster rhythm of such epic proportions it makes the hair stand and the smiles blossom. There's nothing new here, but the notes seem to phase out on such sweet angelic intonations, you can feel the perspiration sliding down the skin, as the sun shines with your eyes closed and the soul open. All the while you are transported to that open patch of grass, loosing yourself to the delights of some unnamed festival, you won't remember was it not for those pictures… you will have to hide when the kids start popping out.



05. Poem For Granny *

The poem is lovingly chiseled with the most hip-shaking, belly-aching rhythm you might encounter in this far reaching musical field. So granny grab your stick, start rolling those wheel-chairs or simply shake in bed if that's your thing; cause the boys have produced beats with enough magnetism, to keep that hip-job going long enough to for you to enjoy this one fully. A delicacy by all means, running alongside an explosive line on top tambourines and a second lead in the middle, all going to your head faster than you can fathom… head-rush.



06. In Stereo

Its a bit disconcerting having that ‘skipped' effect on the first 20 seconds of the song. I don't know you, but I sure as hell cursed myself the first half a dozen times. In Stereo feels very break-beat-ish with an electro blanket covering the choral notes, floating past the speakers. This particular sonic excursion the boys have treated us with, is not personally my favorite type of clubbing music, but what they do is damn classy…



07. Rip It Up

“You will not able to stay home brother, you will not able to play a game turn on and drop out, because the revolution will be live” Rit it up, or rip it up, whatever's your choice this track has Insurrection written all over. The kind of mutiny that occurs when a bunch of drunk hooligans take over the DJ booth and evacuate the intern in exchange for better music. The alternative is clearly this track. There is nothing new in the sound, it's simply a lesson on how it's meant to be done right. That said, the final minutes are a bit over the top for me, but the use of long voice samples more than makes up for it.



08. Chicken Shaker *

Shake your chicken, or borrow one if you must. The dribble in the shaker treats to an energetic fusion of psychedelic pretension, on top of voice samples you have to grow to love. The warm progressive touches these two splash on all the tracks, follows well and the build up is palpable. Midway we encounter good-old fashioned breaks and a falling insane voice samples, extending for aeons.



09. The Analogue H *

As it has been pointed out before this one has Platipus records written all over. Well at least on the uplifting lines and the a polymorphic drum sequences, bridging a joyous sonority with a hint of that classic rave feel. It remains moderate and cool like everything else Ticon is spitting out these days.



10. Six Years After *

Six years after is smooth… Smooth like silky lounge caressing the frequencies on a short arpeggio, briskly running on different pitches bridged together with such precise infusion, this stuff goes on the category of sonic plastic surgery. It moves quite well, but there is still a relaxed pace. It encompasses all the worth and experience these two have gained from Aero, showing you can do something different and still do it right.


* Favourites



All and all


The output sounds a more like a fusion of New Disco Science Alliance than a departure from Aero, and it's clear where these two are heading with their music. I personally would have liked to see a track or two showing some more pump, but that is probably because I hear too much kilargh music these days, and this is so NOT that type of sound. In most cases is quite refreshing.


The incredible aspect of Ticon's production is the amount of elements that come into play at any given time, all caressing each other in the frequency range in it's own lane like good little boys, too afraid to cross in each other's path. Quality assured or your money back. This is CD is for the DJ case, the car and for your cousin who is not yet into electronic music, but is waiting to hear something that changes his mind… well don't let him hanging…


read the review with samples




Where to get







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That was one of the best review i read here! Made me want to get my hands on it :ph34r:


The pic with the people butt-shaking that represents the song In Stereo is just genius! :lol:


From the samples this album looks great




Keep up with the good work Gay

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07. Rip It Up

“You will not able to stay home brother, you will not able to play a game turn on and drop out, because the revolution will be live” Rit it up, or rip it up, whatever's your choice this track has Insurrection written all over. The kind of mutiny that occurs when a bunch of drunk hooligans take over the DJ booth and evacuate the intern in exchange for better music. The alternative is clearly this track. There is nothing new in the sound, it's simply a lesson on how it's meant to be done right. That said, the final minutes are a bit over the top for me, but the use of long voice samples more than makes up for it.



Its funny how the perception of music is so different, you think of insurrection and hooligans, I think of Kenny G :D


and thanks for the nice words about my review, I was very intoxicated as I wrote that and decided to get creative...

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Its funny how the perception of music is so different, you think of insurrection and hooligans, I think of Kenny G  :D


and thanks for the nice words about my review, I was very intoxicated as I wrote that and decided to get creative...


perceptions do change :)


p.s: i liked your review as well, in my experience intoxicated reviweing always works best.. but shhh ;)

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The incredible aspect of Ticon's production is the amount of elements that come into play at any given time, all caressing each other in the frequency range in it's own lane like good little boys, too afraid to cross in each other's path. Quality assured or your money back. This is CD is for the DJ case, the car and for your cousin who is not yet into electronic music, but is waiting to hear something that changes his mind… well don't let him hanging…





very well said !!


I really enjoyed it but I also liked aero ....

Those guys are really good producers ....


best track 6 !!

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A lot of things can be said about Ticon, but they certainly have their own sound, unlike some other swedish prog acts that seem to whorship Son Kite a bit too much. Still I find it very hard to appreciate their current epic cheesy electro-house sound, not my cup of tea, and not very psychedelic. I enjoyed Ticon until the first album, since then it's been a high quality ride, downhill.

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Certainly the most talked about album of the year. Everybody is talking about it. The tracks are being played to death here in every party, but i guess the reason is obvious. This is a great album with great music (yea, that's rare), the usual Ticon hi-tech production, and very fun, because it is Ticon after all. As GSH calls it and totally rightfully, beer trance.

9/10 from me.

Favorites: 3, 5, 6, 8, 9, 10

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Aero is one of my all time favourite progressive albums and my expectations for their follow up were huge. I certainly expected something extraordinary, and hearing that the swedish lads had decided to spend something like two years in the studio making ZSA it sounded as if they too wanted to live up to the hype. But would it be overproduced now ...? Would the expectations be too big a mouthful?


In one word, NO! Goddamnit, Zero Six After is a nice album. Even better than Aero and sheer excellence nearly all the way. There certainly are no drop outs on this album and a couple of tracks that sends me directly into orbit. U Make Me Wanna Drink More and The Analogue H come to mind. These are mind blowing. Also the sample in Rit It Up is among the best samples I've ever heard in trance music. Amazing work guys!


Fact is, the album is so brillant it's easier to nitpick a few things I am less happy with. The pettiness of these details should illustrate the quality of this album. Now this really is nitpicking, but personally I would have liked to see the album start of with a monster track. Instead it starts with the expectable mood setter. Prologue is nice, yeah yeah, 1:48 mins of nice build up sounds, but these guys really are about kick ass dancing and mind expanding music and I would have liked to see them set off as that directly from track 1. Still, Prologue isn't bad. It's just ... Well, I said I was nitpicking, right!


Kids Of The 80's is a great track but the first couple of times I heard it, I couldn't help thinking I had heard the lead riff before. Well, check out Les Rythmes Digitales "From: Disco To: Disco" and tell me if there isn't a resemblance. It's still a great track. Just sounds very inspired.


Track 8 "Chicking Shaker" contains a sample going "Why you wanna borrow my chicken shaker" with the ch in chicking pronounced as sh. Maybe the joke is too advanced for me, but I have no idea what chicken shaker means and don't get this sample at all. Is it a joke? Just a funny sample Ticon is using? Bad idea! I don't mind funny samples, but the fun needs to go somewhere. Otherwise, it's just stupid. A real shame because besides the sample it's a great track. But I can't hear past the sample.


So, those are ALL the details I have a hard time with on this album. Other than that, this album is brilliance from start to finish. The sound is overwhelming and with so many details in all the tracks you hear instantly that it's hours and hours in front of the computer. I love it! Well, except for track 8 I have to down from a 4 star to a 2 star because of the idiotic sample. Though I am ready to stand corrected if it actually means something intelligent!


In the end, however, that downing from 4 to 2 stars puts this album in as no. 2 on my "best progressive release of 2005" list just one inch behind my 2005 winner. Yeah, the best is yet to come ...

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Posted Image


Artist: Ticon

Title: Zero Six After

Format: CD (jewel case)

Label: Digital Structures

Date: October 2005



1. Prologue

2. Kids Of The 80's

3. U Make Me Wanna Drink More

4. In The Dirt

5. Poem For Granny

6. In Stereo

7. Rip It Up

8. Chicken Shaker

9. The Analogue H

10. Six Years After


Small intro:


“Zero Six After is for us a milestone, we have never worked so hard on an album before, we have worked on it for 2 years and we are quite blown away by the result. This album is different from both Rewind and Aero. We tryed to give it a new approach, both musically as energywise. By producing songs over a period of 2 years we managed to get the album very varied and as we liked it, as we change our opinion about what kinds of music we like every month or so...

On Zero Six After, we have covered everything that we like from Club to morning trance to electro and rocking tekktrance! We sat in the studio and said ; lets make music that we don´t think that we got the skills to make. And the results were super cool. When you make something new that you haven't tried before, you can get away from the “mould” and for us thats a cool thing. But as always there is the touch of Ticon in all our music!” - Ticon in their interview by Damion.


My review:


1. Prologue


Suspense and drums, here it comes! The show goes on, show us what you’ve got!


Hej! Hur mår du? People have been missing Ticon, and people have been burning for a new album. So the guys have to make an entrance. A bit of suspense, nice atmospheres, melodies going up and going up again, drums announcing the big show starting, and then someone slowly turns the lights on and we find ourselves taken to the next track. Nice intro of nice effect.


2. Kids Of The 80's


Unsane, beyond Sanity, and yet not Insane...


The intro of this track has been presented in the Prologue. We meet here a different sound, a surprise track, as it is nothing close to what we were expecting. First time I heard it, I was like: “What the.. what happened... is this Ticon?” Hehe, what a nice surprise! An “unsane” track! Ticon showed us that they can do anything they want and make it sound good if they put their minds to it. We have here a very nice electro-progressive-funky-trance track that takes us back in time, but still keeps us very much here, as it has a very futuristic sound. Top that! Outstanding, mad, very danceable, I like to call it a spoiled track, with a lot of self-confidence. It would fit also in a fancy club perhaps, I see girls moving hips and shoulders a lot, just like girls used to do it in the 80’s. Thanks for the diversity guys.


3. U Make Me Wanna Drink More


Hello, I noticed U around. I find U very attractive. Would U have a drink with me?


Dare to say no, just dare. Body movement will make U thirsty. U know U want it. Here, now, and more. This is what this track expresses. With alcohol or water, this track is all about sweating and dehydrating yourself on the dance floor. Ticon has made a tradition in giving funny titles to their most outstanding tracks through the years. Humour brings smile and this is always welcomed on the dance-floor. I smiled everytime I heard this tune at parties.

The track starts with an intro, lovely percussion in the intro, but it seems like a sad track, with melodies that go down. When the intro ends and the track kicks in, we discover a tune full of energy, with a great bass line, the direction is “going up” now, the progression is obvious and tempting, making you anxious about what comes next. Then a break, a very nice cold and firm build-up that becomes the main melody through the rest of the track, and then comes the so famous voice sample: “U make me, U make me, ..., U make me wanna drink more!”. Hell yeah, this is a very good dance-floor track, outstanding, it contains lovely beats and a good rythm, firm, cold melodic line, warm, sensitive melodic lines, all the good ingredients of a good tasty drink, err... tune.

I wonder who is it dedicated to.


4. In The Dirt


Nothing makes you get “dirty” faster and better than feminine seduction.


This track is an energy boost from the very first second, its pumping rythm gets people on their feet; but this is just an intro, cause it is pumping good, but shy. I don’t speak french, but I do understand some (I'm also like half deaf haha), and now I hear a feminine voice whispering something like: “Regarde-moi, dans les yeux... Soy tuya... Quand se pers mon ame...” – “Look into my eyes... I’m yours... When I’m loosing my soul...”. Wow! Now when a girl whispers to you such words, come on! It’s time to take action! Ticon takes action! That’s when the actual tune starts by forgetting all the shyness and explodes into a powerful melodic progressive trance track. I hear great melodies, going up, we have breaks, wonderful build-ups and climaxes, nice uplifting atmospheres, and the psychedelia that has always been a part of Ticon’s style. Excellent track, no mistakes, positive effect guaranteed.

Oh yes, this is the first track here that I think would fit best in an outdoor party. I also think it will be labeled as “a classic”. I already see people going crazy on the dance-floor on this one. You know, when people dance like crazy, the grass underneath their feet gets damaged, all covered with earth or dust, it becomes “dirt”. Can we loose our souls through dance? Hell yeah, let’s get dirty baby...


5. Poem For Granny


Hello grand granny, make my night shine!


Apparently the “U make me wanna drink more” track wasn’t dedicated to granny. Cause granny gets this little piece of diamond. This must be a hell of a granny, cause this track is just “grand” and outstanding. Excellent percussion, one of those drums/tribal rythms that can only unleash some lovely ass shaking. That’s the main attraction of the track... ah, and also the sexy, relaxed, feminine voice sample that is cut here and there so that one can hardly make sense of what she’s saying from beginning to end. “I got my ass kicked to greener pastures. Hopelessly wired as I might be. My chair was pulled out from underneath as I sat down to the free falling, fast moving new me.” That girl must have had herself some “granny” fix. This could seem like a “simple” track, cause it has repetitive parts, but I love it the way it is! It is very smooth about the break, build-up, climax... meaning that they’re all equally “grand” and you almost don’t separate one from another, cause they flow in the tune perfectly. The combination between cold, clubby melodic rythm and uplifting melodic line in the second half is lovely. Hat off to granny!


6. In Stereo


Tease me, tease me, till I loose control...


Again, influences from the 80’s, and a lot of electro funk-ness combined with progressive trance and a bit of psychedelic spice, a combination of “old” and “new” with strange and nice effect. Melodic samples that sound as if cut before their end, in order to let the next one jump in, sort of like robots movements, hehe. The middle of the track brings a small break and a long build-up that leads to a nice, melodic part. Yes, we have another “surprise” track here. Excellent production, nice diversion, a groovy track, that ends as if suddenly cut to silence. I see this track as a possible soundtrack for a movie or for a commercial ad, maybe something that involves secret agents, expensive cars or even fashion shows.


7. Rip It Up


The Revolution will not go better with coke. The Revolution will put you in the driver’s seat. Ready, steady, go!


“You will not be able to stay home, brother! You will not be able to plug in, turn on, or drop out. Because the Revolution will be LIVE.” Or is it Rave-olution? Is this about a revolution of music? Hehe. Each of us lives its own evolution, and Revolution, cause we all grow up and change in time, hopefully for good and better. That’s what all the melodies in this track suggest. Who evolves first? The music or the people? “[...] The Revolution will be no re-run brother, the revolution will be live.” Be conscious of everything that happens to you and around you, and don’t close your eyes, be aware, be present. This tune is groovy, very firm and “in control”, from the bass-line to the sensible melodies running in the background and all though the track, floating as if skying or surfing towards the future. And again, a very good dance-floor track with elements from the 80’s. If this is Ticon’s invitation into the future, I’m taking it.


8. Chicken Shaker


Shake it before you fall insane!


What is a “chicken shaker”? I looked it up in the dictionary, it was right next to the word “killargh”, hahaha. Maybe they ment “shakey shaker”? Cause that’s what the male voice sample seems to be saying to me. Pretty funny. I am a little bit confused on whether this is a progressive tech trance track or a progressive psytrance track. The bass-line is tricky, here it seems to be full-on, and here it seems to be progressive tech-trance. I’ll say 50/50. There is another voice sample that kicks in at the middle of the track and won’t stop saying “You fall insane”. And I do fall insane, cause from a point on I hear it as if saying “You fall in Spain” and eventually “Fall at pain”. To me it is a fast progressive trance track, with influences from psytrance. It is powerful, aggressive, it fits well on the dance-floor. I like it, including the way they played with the voice samples and twisted them around in different ways, to intrigue the listener. It has again humour and insanity! Tell me... why you wanna borrow my chicken shaker?? When something doesn’t make sense, it’s ok, just smile and dance!


9. The Analogue H


Great remixes improve a product. Happy remixing guys!


This is one of my favourite tracks on this album. The effects this tune can trigger are amazing. Just get wild on the dance-floor, no matter if you’re in-doors or out-doors, no matter if you’re wearing a suit and a tie, or your night gown. I haven’t heard the original Union Jack tune, but I am fully satisfied with the remix, cause Ticon knows how to put their style on a track and make it sound good, and in some cases, even better. I wish more “oldies goldies” were brought up to the surface by talented music producers, so that new generations of listeners could have a taste of everything that’s good out there, may it be old, new or refreshed. This tune is fast and playful, full of energy, encouraging, it has groovy melodies that tease the ears and brain and you feel like you want more! The break and build-up at the middle of the track are just wonderful and uplifting and so teasing and they set the climax free. What a wild climax, what a big tune! I’m listening to the track while I type and I’m actually smiling. This is a very good remix of probably a very good track that is part of those which write the history of trance music.


10. Six Years After


The romantic side of Ticon? Aww, I love you too!


We have arrived at the end of the album, and Ticon offers us a bonus, an alternative to downtempo music, because this one is very relaxing and uplifting, but still very danceable. This is a progressive trance morning tune, with sensible melodies going up, playing, or better said, dancing between the groovy percussion and bass-line. At the middle of the track, they lower a bit the fluffyness level into colder sounds, but still groovy, creating a nice balance. Then it becomes smooth again as if telling you it’s time to take your partner’s hand and pull her/him near and dance together and maybe kiss a little. I’d like to hear this tune remixed by Jaïa. Some say that this track is an alternative to Son Kite - Focus (Shiloh Remix)... well, I think they follow a similar pattern, but I’d recognise each one in a million. They’d go well together in a morning mix, but that’s all, they’re pretty different if you listen to them.

“Six years after” is a very nice track to mark 6 years of Ticon in our lives.



Ticon, “Zero Six After”...


It is clear to me that Ticon are on their way up in their musical career, presenting us a high quality progressive trance album. The album is for the dance-floor, for home listening, for listening in your car, and anywhere else you want. There are quite new elements added to their style, because, comparing to their previous releases, “Zero Six After” features influences from the 80’s disco rythms, influences from electro music, and influences from psytrance here and there. It is probably a revolution and evolution of Ticon and Ticon’s musical experience, and musical taste. We all grow up and mature in time, so what we have to do is make the best out of the experience we accumulate during the years. Ticon did the same, and I can safely say that only talented producers can combine different sounds successfully and create high quality music. Ticon has shown us with this album that their new formula works. I am not saying that Ticon changed their style, no, it’s still good old progressive trance, but refreshed and improved and matured.


This album sounds very futuristic. We have outstanding progressive trance with influences, we have cold-clubby rythms, warm-uplifting melodies, playful samples and sounds all over the place, sexy-humourous voice samples, impressive percussion and bass-lines, a lot of diversity and fun in the track list, and all these are combined together in a great compatibility, resulting into an excellent and very generous musical product. The sound is crystal clear again, a very good production.


I love this album, I labeled it the best progressive trance release of 2005. My expectations were high, and I was satisfied and nicely surprised. The cover is nice.


Thank you Ticon for your generosity. I hope you’ll make us dance many years from now on as well. And I hope to get to see them play live some time.




Ticon's website

Digital Structures website


Saiko Sounds

Trance Shop





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Great reviews people! For the first time I really got a grasp of the album by reading these reviews!


As for the music, all right, it's Ticon, so it can't be bad. Their first album was one of the best albums ever made, and their second album was also great (not as great as the first, except "Don't Tell Me I Sing Like A Robot", which is their best track).

Zero Six After has a different sound. After the first listens I can't say much but for now I think the previous albums were better. But maybe this needs to grow on me... Need more listening!


Maybe they'll convince me about their new stuff when I see them live at Konemetsä :)

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I own rewind, and haven't listened to it in years...

I got sorta bored of it (I am going to listen to it again... maybe my tastes just got sidetracked on this somehow...)


now, "u make me wanna drink more" keeps getting played... and I LOVE it...

too busy dancng to ask who does it... and then it got stuck in my head (in a good way)

then one night I did... surprise! Ticon ripping my brain out of my head? no way!

so I found the website, and there it is streaming the album...


I have to get it...

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wonderfull album

from the beginning to the last

a new styl

worhty the name ticon

with this the year 2006 is a great markerpoint for minimal progressive trance.

and seeing them on soulclipse in turky in the end of march.

made me feel very happy for the summer to come.

where there will be more and very professional minimal artist

attacking us with groovy housevibes but with that holy progressive formula

and making the dancefloor a flowy loveplace :P

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