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One prog act rule them all..


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I still think Magnetrixx should be in the list, existing from 1995, with Gluonball being one of the best progressive tracks ever, and they released 3 full albums so far.


My 2 cents

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You should really check out the ones who got more than 5 votes.. other than atmos. Atmos is BORING :P


Sensient I have no idea about. I thought it was full on :D




OMG! Sensient full on?! :angry:


What a noob :P


Really traveller, let me guess

Your favorite project is Sphongle right? :ph34r:



Sensient first album is a minimal classic. His last album(minimal too) also rocks on this world full of full-on confusion and bad music and no signs plates whatsoever

How come?


#Simon asks for australian projects attention from travellers part#




yes, i am still sick :(

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Why is it called progressive though, what makes it progressive?


I always thought that it was called progressive because the track progressed slowly with layers being added gradually as opposed to a chaotic barrage of layers as in other types of trance.

It does not mean that there are less layers, just that they are more distinct.

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:blink: omg


Sensient is the most experimental kind of music in the minimal, 130-140 bpm, progressive section of psy-trance.


Progressive with balls © Tim Larner (Sensient)





Sensient music is creative and very disntictive


One note: I always found his compilation tracks far worst from those we can find in his albums. I mean, dont get me wrong

There are some amazing ones like Dream Experience from V.A Arise and especially Zero Key(!) from V.A Outback Eclipse

But most of then fail to please me like Ballistic, Dynafunk and Rotec


Tim style doesnt fit very well on those generic mass produced progressive psy :rolleyes:

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Guest The Journey Man Project

Tim Larner is a nice bloke, used to live around the corner from me around the time his first album came out... he is a professional drummer (having studied it at university) and specialised in jazz and funk I think... anways, his music is very nice, and I'd have to say for Balistic is his best track, did nopt like his new album much at all, each to their own tho ;)

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funny how I really cant get into sensient´s music... sounds old somehow, straight basslines, random noises, dark aspirations but not well defined... It´s like it doesnt have a soul somehow... Like krumelur...


(btw... I know its taste.. thats just how I feel)

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thomas penton is indeed very nice, specially power party music...

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probably because that Jaia CD, after the first "wow" listening sessions, gets old very quick, thats my feeling at least.


thinking the same thing... that was what I ment with my post underictly....
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