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Tim Fishbeck - React/Aquamineral 12"

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I didn't see this announced here yet. It's already been out a couple weeks, but perhaps some of the more proggy-oriented fans didn't know about it yet.




Artist: Tim Fishbeck

Title: React / Aquamineral

Label: Sprout Music

Format: Vinyl 12” / Digital download

Cat.No.: spt011

Releasedate: October 26. 2005

Tracks: A: React AA: Aqua Mineral



Having passed the 10-release milestone, Sprout gives us the first taste of their strong fall and winter release lineup. Both sides of this sure-fire hit 12” from rising German star Tim Fishbeck are sure to inflict maximal mayhem on the dancefloor and put any sound system to the test.


Despite being a relatively new face in German progressive circles, Tim Fischbeck has proven himself to be one of the most promising young producers to look out for in the coming months. Since his first exposure to electronic music at the age of 14, Tim’s love of fine grooves has led him into the studio where he has steadily perfected his craft. His first success came early when his remix for Ralph Fridge’s “Mystery” was one of the 4 winners of a remix contest selected for release. Tim’s biggest break, however, came with another contest, remixing Baggy Bukaddor’s hit “VIP” for Sonic City. His impressive winning re-working led to a second remix of the track as well as a long-standing studio collaboration with Baggy himself. Following 2 successful releases together on German stalwarts Mutekki & Electribe, as well as massive production work on Oliver Klein’s recent “Rien Ne Va Plus” double-EP, Tim Fishbeck is ready to present his first solo outing, which is already receiving huge reactions from the likes of Anthony Pappa, Barry Gilbey, Kasey Taylor and D-Nox.


From the get-go, “React” makes no mystery of its purpose – complete dancefloor mayhem. A simple percussion scheme underlies a methodically building low-end. Following the dramatically drawn-out break, a lerger-then-life bassline detonates like an American cluster-bomb over an Iraqi wedding. If you want to make the dancefloor feel like the remains of New Orleans, this is the hurricane for you, bitch.


“Aqua Mineral” is just the sort of tough tribal progressive monster which can be counted on to bring the night to its peak. The heavily-throbbing bassline gives a hypnotic basis upon which dark atmospheres, chants and powerful synth stabs create the tense mood of an approaching storm. A track that will keep you guessing until the final beat, “Aqua Mineral” is a commanding anthem that’s gonna make all da sexy ladies shake dem asses


Storming dancefloors near you soon….


12" vinyl available in all the usual stores (psyshop, trance-shop, cosmophilia, etc)

Digital downloads also available at: 3Beat Digital store

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yes im definitely curious about it, nice news  :)


It's strong - seriously strong. I might even be tempted to call it.....




but I'm only tempted at this point. :P Anyways samples are on the 3beat site at the link I posted.


Also look out for the next one on Sprout (D-Nox & Beckers - My Number One - True to Nature remixes) in a month or so. :)

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well, you can call it ´destroyargh´, for a change :D


cool! gonna check out the samples as soon as I return from travelling next tuesday (headphones already packed)


and the dnox number one remixes, im quite curious about those ones too :)

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