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Multiple Organisms from Nicedreams music...


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Nicedreams Music is based in Ibiza. It is the downtempo/chill sub-label of Spunrecords..

Multiple Organisms marks the first release of the label.

The CD is compiled by me (Dj Celli/Earthling/3rd Ear)...

And its really killer...




BYE IT!! http://www.psyshop.com/shop/CDs/nmd/nmd1cd001.html




at least check out our website, and have a listen... www.nicedreamsmusic.com








our Webpage

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orgasms and organisms are two different things vicky  :P




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yep, this is a very nice compilation.


there are quite a few good chillout/downtempo tracks on this one.

the Abakus and Bluetech ones are gold.


Celli, you wanna change maybe that "BYE IT!!" to "BUY IT!!" though :)

bye = a rivederci, au revoir/adio, adios, auf viedersehen, good bye

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nice compilation, i love the abakus track, its laaahvly,


shame about the naff sample on track one (who smokes skunk chillums??? thats sacrilege) and please...no more remixes of that sub6 track, not even shulman can make it good!!


aside ffrom that all the other tarcks are wikkid...





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It's a magnificent album. One of my favourite tracks on here is actually the third one.

Deedrah - Secret files of seven.


He's got a real knack for professional psy that guy. But his chillout stuff is starting to sound better!

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