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Multi-Media    9

Actually my project is named ALPHA QUADRANT - but guess it´s not for pure psy/goa lovers but most newer songs have some influences of it. It is a mixture from these

styles as well Industrial, Dark - Ambient and Experimental....


Also I am not a "producer" but guess I add my project here still..


I wasn´t active for a while tho......


Artist wiki:



You Tube (actually I started uploading some other songs too except mine)








Here some examples:


This is where I see the future of the "helltrance" style: Needs a bit more refinement, but it is the direction I am looking for



From middle phase (oldschool elektro/amient with ooomph)



Very old, from 1st project with other guy (was an EP release 12 yrs ago)



Newest remix (from Portion Control EBM fathers)



Re-mastering and adding ooomph (oldschool dark-ebm hit)


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recursion loop    458

That's kinda "introduce yourself" topic?


I'm not a "producer" in the sence that I don't make a living by making music, don't have a constant contract with a label and all that, I'm just making music for my own pleasure, some of my stuff gets released at minor lablels, but mostly I set it for free download.


That's my soundcloud https://soundcloud.com/recursion-loop


That's some of my psytrance tracks






I do different genres, like normal trance, progressive breaks etc., but now I'm mostly focused on psy.



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