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Twisted Sounds


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Twisted Sounds

I thought i'd share a recent mix i did..


A permanent download location will be available a little later on if requested...






Music from:


Psueudo Stereo

Grapes of Wrath



Hokus Pokus






and more...


Want Full tracklist? jusd send me a msg:)



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nice artists, but why don't you give the full tracklist to support the artist/labels ??


Its no problem, ill post the tracklist when get back home from work.. I just wanted to see if it was requested before i post it!

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Mainframe Terror Tracklist



scozbor-sliplines (devic craft rec)


pseudo stereo-move on (demontea rec)


gow-24hours full power (dejavu rec)


kinjahjah-what has begun cannot (parvati rec)


mussy moody-megnetic fx (parvati rec)


dronebixie-zo moth (trishula rec)


hokus pokus-zimzalabim (parvati rec)


duckoff-we are closed (manic dragon rec)


zyzygy-zodiac (sanaton rec)


derango-secret suroundings (gi'wa productions )


gow-lir (apoxina rec)


highcosmos-rimming (right now music)


metallaxis -noise reduction (trishula rec)


scozbor-its all goa to me (devic craft rec)

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i agree  good mix!!!


what you use to mix?


Im glad you enjoyed it!


I use denon cd players and pioneer mixer! :)

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