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* ERISIAN * FIELDS * [Hallucinogen, Antix + more]

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jaimz    0

The Discordian Monkey Tribe, D'psyfa and the Princesses of Space present..


* E R I S I A N * F I E L D S *


Outdoor Electronic Music Festival


Sunset Friday 9th December, 2005 - Sunset Sunday 11th December, 2005

Two hours from Sydney - New South Wales - Australia




- Live Acts -


Hallucinogen (Twisted Records - UK)

Antix (Iboga Records - NZ)


Mr Peculiar (Sonic Dragon Records, Melbourne)

Sun Control Species (ZMA Records / Iboga Records, Melbourne)


Third Drop Reflection (Electric Power Pole Records)

Floattank (Oculus, Floatation Records)

Meltdown (Electric Power Pole Records)


Buddha Pussy (Canberra)

Dream Catcher v Meowtron (Canberra)

The Professor (Elixir)





- DJs -


Simon Posford (Shpongle DJ Set)

Barton v Hayden (Antix, NZ)


Aaron Smiles (RSF, Melb)

Alias (Earthcore, Universal Language, Melb)

Jeff Drake v Mikah Freeman (Friction, Two Square, Canberra)

Artemis (Jencorp, Canberra)

Avidd (Universal Language, Earthdance, Melb)

Beka (Turbo Trance Records, Byron)

Franny (Sundance Records, Byron)

Gavin Martin (RSF, Pure Sounds Music, Melb)

Luke Psywalker (Digital Psionics, Byron)

Miyagi (RSF, Polygon, Melb)

Schwa (Tribal Vision, Czech Republic)

Sgt Dan (RSF, Universal Language, Melb)

Simon Slieker (RSF, Monotremes, Semi Retired, Melb)


Agent 23 (Illuminati Records)

Alamout v Nomad (Lighter Massive, Canberra)

Anjay (Canberra)

Benjamin v Para (Canberra)

Darkchild (T-Quest)

Eegor (Discordian Monkey Tribe, Sub Machine Records)



Finn (South Coast Tribe)

Femme (Amphibious Records)

Galaktik (T-Quest)

Jaimz (Discordian Monkey Tribe, Sonic Dragon Records)

Jazzman (Canberra)

Jodee (Deep As Funk, Earthdance)

Loose Cannon v DJ Cranky (Surgery, Canberra)

Luke Harland

Mash (Illuminati Records)

Marcotix (Deep As Funk, Earthdance)

NoMSG (D'psyfa)

Psynide v Daheen (NewECrew / Regen)

Raptor (Mechanik Sound / Yak and Yeti)

Richie Jay

Rif Raf (Deep As Funk, Earthdance)

Sol Connection v Sunrunner (Electric Power Pole Records)

Tripitaka (D'psyfa)

Wodger Want (Proggy Froggy)

Vinyl Richie




This summer, join us for an adventure in the bush, amongst the mountains, and only two hours from Sydney. For two nights and two days, dance together under the stars, the moon and the sun.


Featuring Hallucinogen (UK), Antix (NZ) and over 30 DJs and live acts from Sydney, Melbourne, Canberra, Newcastle and Byron Bay. Playing underground psychedelic, deep progressive, funky electro, downbeat chill, breaks, and all the diversions to fill the spaces in between.


For the main floor sound system we are dragging up the legendary Ishtar Funktion One sound system, as seen most recently at the Federation Square Earthdance in Melbourne.


We are looking for market stalls and performers. If you are interested, you can contact us via our website at: http://www.erisian-fields.com


More info: http://www.erisian-fields.com/


Stay tuned for many updates to come

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heva    0

Third drop reflection!!! Go Barrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrry! :wub:


This party has all the ingredients to be a really beautiful party - hope it all goes well. Shame I can't be there but there is the certain logistical nightmare of a few thousand miles between me and the location! Mwah!

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DeathPosture    15

Damn, this does look like a party not to be missed for anyone below the equator... Sadly I'm as far away as Heva...

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