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··> TDC Presents:"Trance in the City"- October 21

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TDC Presents: " Trance in the City " October 21, 2005


Full Power Room


Wizack Twizack (Stoneage, Sweden) Special 2 hour Live set


(from his album " Behind The Trees ", coming out on Stoneage )


Wizack Twizack is the wild sonic excursion of Tommy Axelsson,

born in 1981 and residing in the capital of Sweden, Stockholm.

Wizack Twizack is the expression of dark psytrance and works

as a storytelling mirror, taking you onto trips in the darkest hour

reflecting the wicked tribal gatherings what has been going on in

the Swedish forests throughout the years! Forest music at its best!


Nik© (TDC Records)

Isvara (TDC Records)

Mukti (TDC Records)

Fria (Tantrumm Records)

Babla (Kagdila Records)


Progressive Room


Jaia (Digital Structures, France) Special 2 hour Live set


Today Jaia's music is a crossover between progressive trance,

progressive house, psy morning trance and electro. Epic dance tracks

in proggy speeds but with the full rush of sound closed by an ambient

tune and all this mixed up by interesting bridges of sound.


Kife (Omnitribe)

Earthian (Omnitribe/Polarlight)

Serge Z-Lenin



Chill out Room


Khusuk (Mata Jiwa project) Live set

Astatic (TDC Records)

Mad Orange (Mad Orange)

Farmatar (Omnitribe)

Droozi (India)


Deco Environment by


Daya Cayung (Dreamcatcher studio, Indonesia)


TDC Production




20$ before midnight

25$ after 12:00 am

(Starts at 10 pm, 21+ w/id)



Club Downtime

251 West 30th St, NYC

(between 7th and 8th Ave)




34th Street 6th Avenue – Trains: B, D, F, Q, N, R, V, W

34th Street 7th Avenue – Trains: 1, 2, 3, L, I, LIR

34th Street 8th Avenue – Trains: A, C, E








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