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Hoi Pol Loi - Bristol - RASTALIENS live & dj


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Hi peeps,


we are very pleased to announce a series of 3 parties at the Blue Mountain, Bristol, on the 7th October, 4th November and 2nd December (1st Friday of the month).


The Blue Mountain has recently been refurbished, as many of you will know, and they now also have a license for their roof terrace to be open. We'll be bringing in our own sound and transforming the venue into a UV wonderland for each party.


our website is now online: click here


the line up for our first party is as follows:




Unsanitised Psychedelic Trance:



Rastaliens (Boom Records/Switzerland)



Jay & Ralph (Rastaliens DJ Team)

Mick Chaos (Chaos Unlimited / Phantasm)

Lurk (Boom Records / Sonic Dragon Records / Hoi Pol Loi)

Aurora (Beyond Logic Records / Hoi Pol Loi)


Eclectic Chill:

Goose (Hoi Pol Loi)

Slauka (MelOtroniC)

Husley (nocturnals.co.uk)


(a veritable smorgasbord of ambient, dub,

electro and breakbeat)


more details soon


************************************************** *********

Our second party is on 04/11/05 and will feature a live act from NOMAD (Mind Control Records/France); rest of the line up to follow soon


watch this space...




The Hoi Pol Loi

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