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This weeks good covers


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I'm not saying it's bad, I make a lot of drawings like this, where I have no goal and I end up with very strange imagery, …



wouldn't say that the train guy doesn't know which goal his art/paintings have.

Your picture with the doubled woman is not bad, but you can't really compare this single image

to the guys work with the neverending train, i don't believe you make a lot drawings like this…

And if you really do, then show us more than this one image…


The other stuff shown here (ernst, dali,...) is real art,

but they time has passed and it's nothing fresh.

This topic here is more about applied-art in a commercial context.

The examples by the graffiti guy here are a pretty good piece of artwork IMO.


:huh:  :)


no my friend, I didn't make those, the bottom one is Salvador Dali, the top is Max Ernst, guess I was a little unclear, lol.

This is an example of what I normally do,


tho normally it's more cluttered.

Sure it's good, I love it, but there are two seperate levels in my head of good, and beautiful, and the only thing stopping me from calling it beautiful is that it reminds me of a cartoon, like there is something missing there.....

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Posted Image


Ah yeah, can't wait!

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He´s back  ;)


What did you mean with that? Anyway, i like the cover because of all the things going on.. very trippy.. but the colours aren't really great though

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