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Great intro's!


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...and describe them!


KoxBox - Stratosfierce 2001

My oh my, if this isn't a pumping / adrenaline rushing intro!... You can FEEL that there is something huge coming your way, ready to crush you... one of the main sounds actually morphs into the kick/bassdrum (!) amazing stuff, you need to hear it! furthermore its a fast 3/3 (?) type intro... one of the best introductions, unfortunantly the rest of the song isn't as good as the intro.


Technossomy - VTOL

This one starts with rain, which you can almost smell.. then you hear some guy closing a car door... Next up is another pumping and building 303 shower, wonderfull melody! Another warning that there is something big heading towards you, excellent song!


Sandman - Natural Born Killer

"...oh i'm so scared..."

This starts with a deep synth, then there are jetfighters flying around your ears... and then the best part DRUM(machine)SOLO! The bassline kicks in and finally the song takes over, this one seriously drags you in!.

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I love the intro to Derango - Secret Surroundings... it's as brilliant as the rest of the song :D


Aah yeah, that one is really funky! the bassline is really pumping and ultrafat funkin' funky stuff! great one indeed!..

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Transwave - Adoration To The Aum


Total Eclipse - Transparent Mind


MFG - New Kind Of World


Technossomy - V.T.O.L.


Chi-A.D. - Anno Domini


Tandu - Alien Pump


Doof - Born Again


Pleiadians - Maia


BOTFB - Marsmellow

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Juno Reactor - guardian angel - probably, one of the greatest intro's ever!

Miko & Har-El - alala - the intro is much more promising than the track itself

Etnica - microdrive - woah, those deep basses! =)

Green Nuns Of The Revolution - cor - my beloved rolling basslines!

Cydonia - lighting rods ? animal people - I don't remember which one exactly... :)


Should I describe them? I think everyone knows...

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The Delta - Thing

Chi-A.D. - Astral Warrior (Remix)

X-dream - Screw (The Truth)



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I would just like to add that the "outro" of DuckOff-Mozart Firefox is also just brilliant!!

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Guest The Journey Man Project

Man With No Name - Jack-In-The-Box



sunrise hearing this is soooo bubbly and warm :)

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nice that you mention tracknames and artists , but i don't see many descriptions.. :unsure:

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hallucinogen - LSD


this was the first song I ve ever listened many years back

and the intro captured me right away

I looked for the name of the producer

and it said Hallucinogen and track name was LSD

and I thought I was listening to psychedelic music then (listening to 60s and moaning psy music is dead)

and then everything started for me :)


great intro and as it introduced me to psy thanks to that

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Guest Le Lotus Bleu

Generally Sesto Sento are making good ones, i have in head their last tune 'Magic Ball' on Rabbani with lots of sample :storms, electronic process etc...


One of my favorite is Technosommy - V.T.O.L, with the intro i really have the movie going with the track: you're entering your garage, the spaceship you've built is ready & just waiting for you, you enter inside & switches on the command for the imminent take off...


Another one is Green Nuns - Klunk, sample says 'this time your new invention better work...' then there's a glacial bells ring , after a 303 rise coppled with a birthing loud heartbeat kick propulsating you outhere in the stratosphere... :o Don't forget your coat, it's cold there ;)


I agree with Lauryn about Ocelot-Turn It Up, great intro & tune too. Indeed it's about a fx trick, i mean you're listening to sounds like when your cd player flounders coz of an old cd with several stripes on the readable surface :lol: .

very confusing about your equipement, always working.


Btw there's lots of awesome intro but they oftenly don't match with the build up of the track so it's completly useless according to me or even it's the only attractive moment of the tune sometimes :rolleyes: ...

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