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hey people..


ive been making music long enough so feel free to reply with any technical terms possible..dont want to make u guys write extremely long posts..


anyways, here goes..although ive achieved satisfactory layering of two basslines on top of eachother...basically a fast bass and an off bass together...i know im missing the one trick to really make it work..


ive been confused as to whether the two basslines found in most tracks are playing on the same octave, with different eq settings...basically my goal here is to make two basslines that sound like one bassline..rather than being able to pick out the two basslines separately..


the method i found works best for me so far..(far from ideal though) is having two basslines playing the same bass patch, with one perhaps an octave higher..(i mostly use reason's malstrom for basslines), so i often leave all the octave settings the same for both basslines with the exception of making one oscillator on one of the bass synths an octave higher, then messing around with the filter cutoff..


ive also tried taking exactly the same sound and making high pass and low pass filters on the two bass synths, basically separating the synths by means of EQ..this doesnt seem to work to well as both basslines end up sounding extremely flat..


i know deep down inside that there is one little trick, and once uve got that formula down making basslines becomes the least of one's worries..


anyways, hopefully this made sense and any responses would be greatly appreciated..


thanks in advance!

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i'm not too sure about this..

but i think that the idea is to layer two bass synths with different wav forms like a sine to add the low end and a sawtooth..


i am not too good at this but i think that when u eq the two basses u should try to recognize what charecterictics of each layer u want to emphasize and boost those frequencies and cut out the rest..


i have trouble understanding layering bass aswell..envn though i have read quite a bit about it on this forum..

u should look up some of the past posts about bass...


see u..

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