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Asia 2001 - Amnesia (2CD)

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Avatar celebrates 10 years for ASIA 2001, with a special edition album.

ASIA 2001 (Martin Cooper) is one of the first trance acts from France.

This new album features rare titles, collaborations, special remixes and hidden tracks never released before..!

A celebration with twenty-one tracks on double CD and over two and a half hours of pure hits from ASIA 2001.

This special issue is a royal treat and essential item for all ASIA 2001 fans worldwide.



that's the info from Avatar


and here's the tracklist from SaikoSaunds




01. Orion 2 (Corcovado Rmx)

02. Vertige (Goa Gil Burning Man Mix)

03. Rakshas

04. Psychadelia

05. Bengali

06. Eolis

07. Caribbean Night

08. Reykajvik

09. Sherkan 2

10. Dreamland (Space Cat Mix)




01. Nomad Of The Future

02. Dawn To Dusk

03. Strange World

04. Life Storm

05. Lokayatikas

06. Hallu Practical

07. 303 Keops

08. Juno Transportation

09. Lunar Attraction

10. Ra

11. Epilogue (Asia 2001 Vs Toires)


To be released in the end of July =)

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Ah, looking forward to this one :)

But I'm not expecting anything ground breaking though, not that impressed of his latest albums..

Nonetheless this should be a refreshing melodic release!

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From a quick glance, this appears to be only old tracks. Some are in previously unreleasedmixes, but still... this seems to be from 1994-1998, all of it. Seeing as I already have most of these tracks in some version, I'm disappointed... but I understand that the old Trans'Pact (and Subliminal) releases are almost impossible to get, so it's only fair to re-release these tracks. But IMHO Avatar should be more open about this being a compilation of older stuff and not new productions.


At least the inclusion of Juno Transportation finally verifies that Zig Zag (which was the original artist name for that track) is just yet another alias for mr. Thevenet =)


...And why does Avatar insist on referring to him as Martin Cooper when that's not his real name? It's just another one of his aliases...

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...And why does Avatar insist on referring to him as Martin Cooper when that's not his real name? It's just another one of his aliases...


He wants it like that! I had him play in Belgium on a party of me 2 years ago... And he asked me to write some bio on the flyer... as Martin Cooper, and he don't want anybody to mention his real name (don't ask me why :P)


What is also strange is that I had his "new" album back then... So it seems it won't be released afterall as this are all re-releases or remixes... A pitty, but let's first hear and then complain :) I'd love to hear a GOOD mastered version of Reykjavik :)

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