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Kemik-Al is back people!

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Topic Description is ofcource dedicated to E.P :)


I got this fallowing massage from Aldo, Kemik-Al. Also written on Isratrance





Butterfly Records ..........!


New Album ..........?




Release Date.........?


Are you ready to continue the TRIP..........?




Holadelics guys ! first of all thanks for such good support it's massivly appreciate it !


Sorry have no release date just yet as the release will be not be so soon, but as things starts to take shape you will be first to know ... as from the music side it has been ready since early this year but still many other things to do,Graphics etc plus waiting for the right time to release ..


.. Ok a litt;e about such Ingredients:


mind twister

mind manipulator

pure psychedelica

and many other surprises !


So now I let you get on with your tRiP


BoOM REspect !








Me personaly am very excited avout this. From the samples I got, it sounds very very promesing. And his last album was a fresh breath with-in the darker side of psychedelic trance.


Review will be posted as soon as possible!






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you better screw your heads on real tight for this one!!

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you better screw your heads on real tight for this one!!


Hello there,


We should add more info in the next days re release date release text etc :)


stay connected :) here is a preview of the Cover :)



Psychedelia and Evolution

Butterfly Records




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