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This Forum is DEAD!

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Guest .::E.P

Does anyone know of any other Forum sites that concentrate on Music-Making, doesnt have to have to be psy based..!





come on it's summer so the forum activity goes down. ce la vie.

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i think this forum has always been dead.. used to be better a few years ago...

but nowadays it's mostly "listen to my new track and comment"


that's not so bad if lotsa of ppl give good concstructive feedback.

btw production tips and all that can be found... or could be discussed here.

www.reasonfreaks.com has a good forum.

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Yeah, I really think there should be a special section for people who want others to listen to their songs. This business of mixxing it up with production techniques and so on is a bad idea. So many people post songs that you can't find anything else you're looking for. Not to say they're bad songs, but it's just an irritant.


I think noobs should be especially cautious about adding their "brand new, hot off the mixer, great sounding songs" because often they're just crap. :lol:


Here's another three btw...




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Pwns Isratrance and their small forums by a mile.


Pwns??? :huh:

You mean "owns" :)

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Pwns???  :huh:

You mean "owns"  :)


Pwns = Owns. I didn't invite that way of spelling it, but it's quite common.

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