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Most intense Killer Kick Drum Ever thread

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The most insanely loud kickdrum I've ever heard (without becoming completely distorted noise).

Not only do I agree, but I must say the other replies regarding kick drums in this thread lack pure and raw power when compared to Speedy J's production skill. The whole "A shocking hobby" has jaw dropping production vaults.

It still beats me how in the hell did he ever succeed in placing such enormous quantities of pressure in the bass without becoming completely distorted noise, to quote Bahamut. The highest frequencies don't crackle, there are no audiable surface clicks or anything, while Paap's sound is sooooooooooo juuuuuiiiiicy & maaaaaaaaassiiiiiiiiiiiiveeeeeeeeeeee!!!!!!!!

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Younger Brother - Even Dwarves Start Small


This crazy kick drum synchronizes my heart beat like a midi signal...


Off course ..ONLY if you can listen to it on a decent pair of speakers. If not.. you'll just laugh at me...


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Pffft. You people should listen to some of The Berzerker if you want pounding bass drumming.

yeah that guy knows how to make some hardcore metal blend with haaaard kicks!


not my taste though


I see someone named Necton, that guy has some nice kicks indeed!


Osom - Activate Drivers => that's a bassdrum to remember :)


but personally psytrance is not about kicks.. the kick and bass needs to be good for sure, but it is more something to hold the rhytjm and make the trance


Hardcore is all about bassdrums :)

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