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Hello everyone!


We haven´t had time to buy tickets... and now they are all sold out...

Have so much looking forward to go...

Does anyone in this world have at least 2 tickets to sell us???

Maby you know other stores who still sell them???


Please please please...


If possible our friends want to buy two tickets as well. So... at least 2 tickets, but we´re also interested in 4!


Get in touch with us as soon as possible!



Write us at:





...and we´ll make a deal!

(Please make the subject line: "TICKETS FOR GLADE" or likewise, so we´ll find it among all the spam-mail... )


Kind regards,


Viktoria and Fredrik

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hmm... i got mine and my friends back in greece also have theirs (5 people)

BUT, from what i heard at least 2 of them have problems with work or other and are not sure if they ll make it!


i ll be in greece in few days and will try and sort this out..

if we do end up with 2 extras i'll mail you..


p.s. dont count on it since im not there yet and over the phone and msn u cant really discuss these things properly.. if it works out i wont ask you anything more than the 80something pounds we bought them for.. :D

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Quick! Quiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiick! There's a few more tickets on sale on the glade website here


quiiiiiiiiiiiiiiick!!! :blink:


(Not for me though, I'm too poor, and I'm resisting the temptation to buy a few on the old credit card and sell them for some really over-inflated price mwah) :rolleyes:

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Ukinos, this would be really nice. We´re really getting desperate now... :(

But we can´t afford like 150 pound a ticket... :(

Anyone, anywhere, just give us a mail, as in the email-adresses above!!!


please please please... :)


/viktoria and infra

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