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What new music did you get today?


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endah: Congratulations! I have a mail from you that I DO intend to reply to, sorry it's been taking me bloody forever... tomorrow maybe =)


It's no problem :)


HEH! Finally, the pictures.  I'm finally allowed to see them.  Loved the photos, Johan.  Hahaha.  Did they all arrive intact?  I hope that double boxing was good.  I ran out of peanuts, so I hope that paper and crap held up pretty well in the outter box.  Man, you need to scatter them out and take a picture ofr people ;) that box and the top layer isn't shit.  I see a um, well, nippon crown orange heehee.




I am glad you enjoyed the photos. Yeah they all arrived intact. Everything was fine actually. :D Oh, more pictures, eh? Well, I don't think people would appreciate anymore of me and my bragging so I'll stay quiet for a bit, hrhr :)


Oh, 90% were in near mint/mint too. :) (me will stay quiet now)


They don't make releases like this anymore - unfolded cardboard case with a 80 page booklet!!! Niiiicccee! :)


Awesome release dude! and wow, very nice technosomy!

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Guest antic

Awesome release dude! and wow, very nice technosomy!


Yeah, I know but somehow I still feel like crying watching your pictures... :(

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Ah just got a package this morning :rolleyes: and its my day off :D


V/A - Lyserg Lesson 1



Highcosmos - 4Real



Transdriver - Between Night And Day



Electrypnose - Le Tireur De Ficelles



Hmm I think my neighbour is gonna hate me soon, well thats too bad :ph34r:

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Guest Astro Cortex



FUCK....ehm....come on, you're kidding man! :P


No really, what's going on there on discogs? Did they really change the format? For me, ".jpg" is displayed at least :huh:

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Guest Astro Cortex

People were hawking too much bandwidth: Explanation


OK, I see. I guess I wasn't too uninvolved in the leeching :D


So again, this is what I got today:


Posted Image


One of the mega rare Namlook trance albums. The seller was Peter's ex btw :rolleyes:

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Yeah it's pretty good.

Very relaxed, varying styles from ambient to psy chill to almost trip hop.

I was waiting for a western rebel alliance album ever since I heard slewake on the white rhino comp in 1997 so I kind of built this one up in my mind, then I thought it would be so dissapointing because I built it up in my mind too much. So then I built it down and so I was impressed. I've just given it the 1 listen so far but I get the feeling it'll hold up quite well.

As for the release, it was released today (24th) in Japan on

Solstice records

Japan often gets music released earlier :D Maybe to make up for the fact that movies are released here up to 6 months late :angry:

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I bought this lot on a Danish online auction site:


* V/A - Feed Your Head (Planet Dog 1996)



* Eternal Dream - The Best Of Ambient (Carlton Home Entertainment 199?)

Not yet on Discogs


* Surgeon - Basictonalvocabulary (Tresor 1997)



* V/A - Biomechanik2 (Level 2 1999)



* V/A - Pagan Offering (Pagan 1998)



* Megashira - Zero Hour (INFRACom! 1997)



A nice variety of styles within electronic music... For €10 including shipping! :)



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I have been "Psy-less" for about 5 years. Last album I purchased was Doof-It's about time.


Returning to this genre, I have started buying again. Just purchased



Ticon - Aero (MP3 from DS site)

VibraSphere - Lime Structure (MP3 from DS site)


Placed my first Psyshop order ever. Just arrived today. As usual with shipping CDs, about half of them have the broken teeth so they won't clamp the CD. :angry: I hate that. Other than this, they arrived safely.


Set/4 (Iboga)

Set/5 (Iboga)

Set/6 (Iboga)

Sonic Cube - Filter (Tribal Vision)

Ticon - Zero Six After (DS)

VA - XXL (Spun)


I have missed so many releases in the last 5 years, so I have a lot of catching up to do. :o

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