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What new music did you get today?

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Special thanks to Antic NP - Hyperspaced. Flying Saucersss

I got this a couple of day ago.

OMFG! Fuck yeah   Many many thanks to Anu for this wonderful gift.

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Been a quite few weeks.

Segue is awesome!


Jamie was kind enough to add Mindspan CD with this CDr.


One more CDr. I like this album. Nice ambient stuff.


Shit Album. I will sell this (hoping to trade for their 1st vinyl. looks like that ain't happening)




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"Chi-A.D. album is amazing"


No kidding! Been a favourite since the time I got the mp3's.

Patiently waiting for my copy :)

Is it really pink.? its looks more Reddish than Pink.

It is reddish actually. At least for my eyes, I only acknowledge the existence of 7 colours. Everything else is just different shades of those colours. :)

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It is reddish actually. At least for my eyes, I only acknowledge the existence of 7 colours. Everything else is just different shades of those colours. :)

No you are right it does seem red to our eyes aswel. It could've been better in a clear case. That red hides the front cover quite a lot it's hard to see.

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Earlier this year I was stoked and thrilled to find out that my beloved label - to the point I sleep with the manager and contribute financially to its operations - is about to put out another, 3rd release!


Wednesday morning it finally got delivered and while the package was bare bones, sticky and dirty; the content looks solid and overall production values are top notch. The sound is typical for the label, although in contrast to 1st release and continuing the trend set by 2nd it is more gentle, a bit less noisy and it seems like this time it's even less erratic and more predictable, though it still shows the edge sometimes, with screechy, screamy bits. I'm sure over time its particular quirks will get more apparent to me as I get to know it better and it earns its place in my collection. Who knows, maybe I'll even dedicate a room to store it?


Right out of the shrink wrap:





Next to the 2nd release:







Unfortunately this is an extremely limited print and you'll have to make your own arrangements to get a copy ;):D

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I made my first Discogs purchase a couple of weeks ago.

One of my favorite trance labels of the mid 90s was all 12" only, which for someone playing all digital now, is a pain in the ass.


Turns out they licensed one comp. It's a double CD




So stoked.



The label was very weird. I super dug most of their tracks but then the other chunk was the lamest weird house music. The label made no sense, and that's kind of why I love them. So the comp isn't exactly 160 minutes of pure awesomeness, but I love having some of this stuff on a proper digital master and some of the tracks I haven't heard yet are actually good too.


Love it!



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