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Really fast Goa tracks


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I rarely hear tunes faster than 150 bpm, but when i hear a really fast goa/psy track it certainly gives me an energy boost.


How far can it go? Are there tracks reaching even 160 bpm?


Do you have any tips on nice, fast tracks (and bad ones aswell ;) )?

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Hallucinogen - Space Pussy is 155 I think.


Green Nuns - Atomic Armadilo is fast too.


Space Pussy i know, love that tune!


And thanks to everyone else aswell!

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Sometime i produced a track:


LO-FI Massaker - Choose ur Destiny


165 bpm _ rough mix




U can get it via e2dk network, its a free track so no problem to share it :)


Here is the link:




Copy and paste to ur e2dk client, like emule.



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Eskimo's Let It All Out is pretty fast. 155BPM.

Also Psysex - LSD (Remix) is 150 and CPU's Virtual Flrt is 149.

And there's Moby's tune that exceeds 1000 BPM at some point, but i don't remember which one.



It's Moby-Thousand. I think that track was in the Guiness book of records as the fastest song ever or something. I may be wrong. It is brutal though.

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Deedrah - Alien Dick !!!! Dont know exact how many bpm there are, but the track it self is pretty fast and intense.


agree 100 %... awesome track :)

shiva shidapu - diffusion  :blink:


agree 100%... awesome track :)

(I'm starting to feel a bit of a deja vu here :D )


Could I also add:

Ubar Tmar - Yellow Yoga (in the end it's almost too much to handle, I'm not sure but sounds like the bpm is 200 or something...fast as hell! :blink: )

Ubar Tmar - Electric Voodoo Man (My personal favourite goa track ever... it's intense all the way down :wub: )

Pleiadians - Pleiadians (Shares the number 1 place as best goa track ever with the one mentioned above. It's such a madness heart attack is close! :ph34r: )



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