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Psytrance: Cybernetika - Science is Art

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Yeah, back to Psy :)

This one can be considered some kind of Full-On. Its maybe not that dark as my previous tracks are, but I still feel damn content with it.

This track is actually a bit older and I just adapted it to Omer's Template so it sounds really good. It's a great template for Fruitey Loops, made by The Darkone.. best suited for trance music.


On my last track "Shark" you wanted more layers! Now I never had as many layers as in this one :D


Length: 9:22 mins

Size: 13MB

Bitrate 192kbps


Here's the link:

Cybernetika - Science is Art


Enjoy it. I'd be happy about any comment :)

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great trak man, only part i felt needed some changing was around the middle at 4:10

the melody is great but i think some of the effects u put in there overpowered the melody and made the sound a bit weak. it was difficult to hear it


but the effects were pretty awesome anyways, just a bit too much


keep up the good work bro :)

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wicked track dude. you're getting better


two things though;

1) this is waaaaaay over-compressed. it's really really distorted.


2) the baseline is IMO not good. it's rolling, but it's not tight. it's just rolling. try something else than the audiorealism thingie. explore other synths for baselines.


keep up the good work! :D


let's try to finnish that track we started at some point.

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Thanks for your comments.

I used Fruity Loops 5, ReFX Vanguard, Spectrasonics Atmosphere and various free VSTs in the production of this track. The vocal sample is somewhere from the web ;)


and irschtas, hopfully see you on MSN soon ;)

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