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EYB FM Spiralator v.

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I just updated the FM Spiralator to a new version.


New specs:


FM Spiralator is designed for weird 'spiral' sound effects, which are

often used in psytrance music. But it is able to synthese a wide range

of different sounds and effects. Also pads, leads and atmospheres.






- 2 Osc

- Add, FM, PM and Ringmod modulation

- 5 LFO syncable to bpm

- SV filter (LP/HP/BP/BR)



New in v1.0.3.3

- Complete new internal routing

- Switchable Add/FM/PM/Ringmod synthesis

- CPU usage again optimated

- Ringmod from osc 1 to osc 2 working now

- even more LFO routing posibilities

- Complete new and easier GUI

- LFOs syncable to variable BPM

- Filter optimated

- 16 new presets







Of course it is still freeware


Get the new version here:




Tell me what u think about the new version.


Peace and greetz lofi / EYB

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hey man... didnt knew ur a member here...

i tried ur kick vsti but couldnt get the kick i was after..

ur doing one hell of a great job! keep it up :) and god bless u for those vsti's man :)




Thanks for the nice words man :)


Yes Kicksynth still isn't that good :rolleyes:


Peace man cu later

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Hi lofi, i wanted to download FM Spiralator, but the download dint work.....instead of starting the download i just got loads of wierd sighns on my screen, compiled/compressed code or something? This is the link i tried:




could be due to my browser.....mayde you could give me some assistance, would love to try the FM Spiralator.

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If u use the IE u can right-click the link and choose 'Save target as..', select place to save and then it should work.


The file is a compressed file, RAR-format.


If it still don't work i can send it u via email.



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Good that u got it now :)


Tell me if u like it  :rolleyes:


dropped it in cubase sx and so far I can get no sound out of it??? Maybe cos it's late and I'm tired :) Will try again tomorrow...

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