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Mantis aka Matrix Cubed


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He still makes music, atleast the last time I spoke to him.


They had a project that was hosted on http://www.trance.org (Resonance something)


You could try emailing him at mantis@innerverse.com but I wouldn't put much faith into that.


He did some amazing stuff a few years ago, unlike nothing I ever heard and pieces that really moved my mind.. and I still listen to 'Rivers Of Gold' and 'The Razor Fountain' from time to time..


If you REALLY need to get a hold of him, PM me and i'll see what I can do.

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Well, I really don't need to contact him, I quit making music years ago so nothing like co-op projects or so, but I would love to get a hold from his songs, since I really cannot seem to be able to find any of them online.


Of course I could always ask him for them, if that seem to be appropriate way of finding them. I think it was jsut "Razor Fountain" that was the song that I was very fond of. "Rivers of Gold" rigs a bell too, so maybe I liked that one too. Know how I could get them to my HD?

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