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Need help with FL5 playlist arrangements

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Hey all

I've just been making some loops and beats in FL studio 5, and I noticed that when I was flicking between them while in 'loop' play mode rather than 'song' play mode, that it sounded really cool.


I am wondering, how do I use just a part of a loop in the playlist, rather than the entire thing? So that I could have them switching between each other without doing it manually.


I was thinking it would either involve clipping the actual loop to the sections I wanted, or else adding some kind of volume control automation to each pattern. Can anyone tell me how to do one of those things, or maybe something else that would work?

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Ah yes, I will give that a shot, though it will be tedious!!


Still, I would love to know if anyone can tell me how to make automation for a whole pattern (volume, pan etc) rather than just for each seperate channel.

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U can use one pattern for 'Main Automation'. There is always already one called 'Main Automation' u can use this one and automate the volume during the track for one channel or whatever.


The main automation way is the way to do it, but for the life of me i cant remember how its done. go into your FL Studio help files and look up "Main Automation" it should explain it there.



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