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What music are you listening to right now?

Sputum Rotgut

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Guest The Journey Man Project

X-Dream - "We Interface"



Wizzy Noise - "Cybemancy", "Cyclotron" and "Electric Theaer"


Midi Miliz - "Passages" and "Non Standard (Japanese version)"


V.a - "Chronika Ch. 2"


Fear Factory - "Archetype"



N.I.N -"With Teeth"


Regurgitator - "Unit"

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Son Kite - Live In Tokyo


Wowwww!!!!  :)



hehe, I really love that one too


but for now i'm going back to the golden days of platipus


Terra Ferma - Turtle Crossing

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Kronos Quartet - Black Angels


Phillip Glass & Kronos Quartet - Dracula Soundtrack ( 1930 )


Intense modern classical crazyness...:)

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Right now I'm listening non-stop to this track:


King Britt - Planetary Analysis (feat. Rich Medina)


Someone on Psyforum.co.uk recommended it in a thread about fav'e non-psy music... He provided a link to a 1 minute sample ... After listening to that + another sample I was totally sold and bought the legal download for p79 on 7digital.com... And what a brilliant track... Jazzy downbeat with spoken vocal - cynical triphop meets Lazyboy/The Sunscreen Song... Highly recommended people! (Pavel, you'll like this!)



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V/A -Inventive Steps

(Mixed by Mark Allen)


Posted Image


01 Astralasia - One Fine Day (Quirk Remix)

02 Akasha - Beings from Another World

03 Ubar Tmar - Eternal Return (Quirk Remix)

04 Mindfield - Circle of Lights

05 Quirk - Cognitive Dissidents

06 Mindfield - Odyssey of the Mind

07 Rotatum - Phaze Din

08 Quirk - Ping

09 Chakra & Edi Mis - X-File '99 (Quirk Remix)




... Briiiiiiiilliant mix... This is one of those CDs I bought once, listened to a couple of times but never really got into... But tonight I gave it another chance and I'm completely soaked in by it now... Recommended!



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