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What music are you listening to right now?

Sputum Rotgut

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not very nightmare trancer of you huh? ;)


much respect though  B)


NP: Vibrasphere - Echo


Haha! Visit my last.fm page to find out what i like! I like alot of styles, sorry ! :)




# Likes:

- Black Metal
- Death Metal
- Grindcore
- Hardcore & Oi!
- (Dark) Ambient
- Goa-Trance (Psychedelic Trance)
- Drum & Bass
- Techno
- Electro
- Noise
- Breakcore
- Speedcore
- Jazz
- Funk
- Lounge

# Dislikes:

- Gothic "Metal"
- Power metal
- R&B
- Most pop music
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Guest The Journey Man Project

Oforia - "Anti Gravity"


love the new album, don't care what others say, it is very classy full on :D Best Oforia yet... not counting his classy side projects such as Tandu and Pigs in Space

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Any kind of unreleased electronica - psy - goa - idm music.Trying to find some diamonds at net (really hard...I know <_< ) but there are some guys that gives me really pleasure with fresh sounds and new ideas ;)

Right now I'm listening "Inconector" a croatian guy that produce really groovey track and mix lot of styles.Check him if you want at soundclick.com


Have always good listenings !!! :D

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Anoebis - melodic goa trance 4 (mix)


cool :)


I will try to put many more mixes online soon... if I find more webspace...


Anyway, i'm listening to


Emmanuel Top - Acid Phase now... What a GREAT Acid-trance tune that is!

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