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What music are you listening to right now?

Sputum Rotgut

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Matthew Florianz - Sprook


Dark Seeds rec. - 1999



With his synthesiser, Matthew Florianz has created a soundscape in which two elements rule: light and darkness. With simple gestures he keeps the music flowing, giving you the opportunity to sit back, close you eyes and let the imagination flow. How would you define the soundscape unfolding? Land, sea, infinite space ... ? The creator sets but one ground rule: it is dark and light fights for its place.

Until the last track the light fights for its place. But when the light comes through, it creates a new soundscape. Lighter of course, but also more clearly defined. Some people will recognise it as the kind of sound Vangelis created for Blade Runner. Although it is in the same mood, it does not rip it off. It rather helps you get back to 'reality' and makes for a happy end. Light has conquered darkness. Until you press replay, of course.



Sprook - the music


After the waltz-like music in the prologue, you are not giving much melody to hold on to. This is music where the 'ambience' matters. How you take the music will be greatly affected by your mood and musical preferences. Do you need a clearly defined score with melodies and their development? Then this is not your cup of tea. Do you want to do something with the music; let it take you in a journey in your imagination, do you have something to add for yourself? Then this cd is highly recommended. I have played it in the dark. Loud. Letting the sounds flow around me and those magnificent basses go through me. Sprook gives me a change to use my own imagination. Something most modern music does not give you the opportunΧΧity to.

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Banco de Gaia - Last Train to Lhasa


I'm thinking perhaps 95 wasn't the year of St. Simon after all.. :)


oh you're in the soft mood...


try William Orbit - Water From A Vine Leaf



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1200 Micrograms - Computers (Hujaboy remix) wow!!! towards the end, what a nice track!!! Full on at its best imo! :)


Nir's simply amazing!




Holy Tribe - Psyche Logos VS. Quantum Leap



This track's very good the way it sounds now, but just wait 'till it gets remastered and released!

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Sonify - Live @ Samadhi Festival (2006)



This whole set brings me right back to that amazing weekend!

I have tears in my eyes...


Posted ImagePosted Image


Posted Image ........ Andy!

Eastern Canada loves you!

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from the album The Legend of Cane


Great stuff from the Summs brothers!

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