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Need help


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Not similar but check their other album called Converting Vegetarians. Hell, check out all of their other albums.

Also, check out Rinkadink - Rabbit From Darkside album. It's good, fun and a little unique.

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I'am new into psytrance an i really liked Infected Mushroom - Im The Supervisor album.Could you suggest me some more albums similar to this one.


Thanx everyone



I think you will appreciate the Astrix albums too. very infected(is) in my opinion.


Astrix - Eye to Eye

Astrix - Artcore


Also, if you like infected mushroom, i personally found "Infected Mushroom - B.P. Empire" to be there most ellaborate album.


i think you'll like those...


hope that helps!



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well talpa is infected style but if you like i'm the supervisor' specifiek you're more looking into the morning fullon direction...

I don't know how new you are ??? but 80% releases of 2004 are like i'm the supervisor...


try beat hackers, bizzare contact, the misted muppet... I'm not saying they are all infected style but you might like them...

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psytrance torrents


never heard of that word before but considering gnome's reply it has something to do with downloading I suppose... ^_^


this was james bond 007 speaking :D

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we have created a monster...


damn I think he red my topic... hey nemesis666 watch out for 'traveller' or 'mafia' cause he's from "the inside" !!! and don't call the name dc++ too much cause "they" are definitly trackking us down :D
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I think u also like


1200 Microgramms stuff

Spacetribe stuff

Violet Vision

and maybe the new Menog album


how dare you mention violet vision along with 1200 mics? vv isn't full on. vv is brilliant. vv represents everything not a single full on artist can do..



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Yeah yeah i suggest we use the undercover name ntisiplasplas


:lol::lol: all right but we have to change name every 24 hours cause 'they' are smart too... I hope 'they' don't find out that psynews isn't a forum at all but just a cover up for the greatest and biggest tracktrading project ever... :D


ooops I said to much :o

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