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melodic blast off

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i have at last uploaded my latest track.i want to see if u l ike the whole basis and i would definitely like to reccommend me anything that would complement the track.



login as a listener.




the track is full length and freely downloadable! :rolleyes:

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well here's my feedback[sorta harsh]:


I believe you should work more on the intro.

I especially liked the parts where no melodies were playing.[really liked the way the kick started at about 1 min]

That's because i didn't like how the lead sounds. Generally, IMHO, your whole track needs some work on making everything sound better[especially the leads. it seems as if they have been created with some crappy synthesizer].

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i have to disagree withe lead part.i think the sound of the leads is top notch!anyway thanks for your comments.i may have a false ear! :P  ;)


:D i just found most of the sounds to be quite "raw",uncultivated/not processed".

have you used EQs , compressors, filters etc etc ?

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lots of processing in there.it may need more,yes in this i agree.

but i like the raw,rich sound of the leads.did u like the bassline,the melodies?


yeah, liked the melodies/basslines.

just , as gnome also said, you need to improve your sound[everybody needs to do so :D ]

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Ok, had a listen... first of all, good work!


Hope I'm not sounding too harsh but here are some of my thoughts:


1) Liked the intro.. nice way the kick comes in


2) Nice bassline melody... but I don't like the bass sound, it's not prominent enough, feels like it's "hiding" behind the kick. Then again everybody has different bass taste, maybe its just me


3) The leads.. I have to agree with other people here: not necessarily that they sound cheap, but they don't drive the tune forward, they're sorta just there. I think they need to be faster, twistier, maybe add some distortion because the sound is very static and thus becomes a bit lame.. simply add more variation to them.


A good tune you can certainly make it better!




boom boom

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Had a listen to your track,


Some very nice ideas in this track... I agree that the bass needs some more ompf and that the leads could do with a few effects/tweaks.

Otherwise nicely composed :P

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Wow!!! Nice tune guy!!! :D The only thing i think is about the sound of the hit-hats: is a little bit short, i think you should remove or minimize the cutoff of the hit-hats, making the sound a little more long. On the fruitloops it's simple to do that, try it! ;) Ah, one more thing: lowering the volume of the hit-hats should make more better. Nice work boy!!! :D

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