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psy prog,minimal,deep trance


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Hi everybody!

My name is Mike, I from Moscow,

I like psy prog, and trip trance,

2 last Zenon rec. compilation - Permutation,and Intellegent Manipulation,

what you opinion about this Zenon compilas,

and i really interesting you favorive artists,alboms,and compilation in this stiles)

My favorite progects is Phony Orphans,Sensient,Kino Oko,Navajo,Tribalistic Society,And more Trip,Psyprog, and also Funky Sound)


peace and bolenath)

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I love Phony Orphants too.. Especially Horny Enphants, Papa Chango and Dirty 6teen, and lots of other tracks..




Maybe some newer releases from Iboga would please your ears.


V/A - Playground

V/A - Set/4

V/A - Set:2 (not that new)


Frogacult - Something for Sundays (Brilliant album, I love it)

Beat Bizarre - Pandoras Groove Box


And from various labels:


Drone - 23 Days (Sounds promising) (Headstick records)

V/A - Echoes (Flow records)

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Welcome Mike.


I have a very similiar taste as yours, Sensient, Navajo and Phnony Orphants are among my favorite artists. I would add BLT and Krumelur to that list ;)


About Zenon recs, well a label running by Mr.Tim Larner(Sensient) cannot go wrong, right? I abosulute love those first 2 comps, and i waiting for more, including the new Sensient album that should be out soon


Zenon rocks! That is a fact!

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