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world fusion stuff

Zebedee Gherkin

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I know this is a psy/Goa forum but I'm just wondering what folk here think of 'world fusion' styles for want of a better phrase. That and psy/Goa sort of go hand in hand, especially with artists like Astralasia and Juno Reactor who kind of straddle both genres. I'm talking about acts like Suns of Arqa, Transglobal Underground, Azukx, Banco da Gaia, Afrocelts etc. I know they're considered out of fashion but all their recent albums have been pretty excellent.

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Banco de Gaia is one of my favorites! Especially The Last Train to Lhasa and The Magical Sounds of...


You could also try Taruna, he has two albums out already, World Fusion I & II. Very interesting stuff. Especially his second album is very nice. For a more chilled experience, also try Aluna - For the Love of the Deep Blue Sea.

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Yes, I like some more world-music, but only if they have nice basslines, a bit of dub in them..


for quality world music with dub influences, I suggest:

Kaya Project - Walking through

Angel tears - vol 3 and 4 (I think the names are ´The Dreaming´ and ´Vision´)

Gaudi - Bass, sweat and tears

Adham Shaikh - fusion (has 1 track that I really dont like, but the rest are very nice)



btw.. I consider this kind of music to be much more psychedelic and deep than many so-called ´psy´ releases



edit: btw, I just saw on offtopic that you like drum and percussion.. well, kaya project and angel tears have very nice percussion in some tracks.. adham shaikh has one track that is purely percussions too)

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I also like Banco De Gaia pretty much. Juno Reactor is of course on the list and same stands for Suns Of Arqa but I only heard few of the tracks. I actually didn't like Angel Tears at all, too cheesy and romantic for me. I still haven't heard Gaudi and I want so much. I recommend and liek Youth's album East Of The River Ganges, one of the better world-ambient albumsa round, after Last Train To Lhasa of course...;)

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