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FINALLY: after 3 years, 2 mo Digital:Newage Album


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Digital newage formed in late 2001 when psygone joined up with two hardcore rockers on the US east coast. The idea is to bridge the gap between Goa/Hard Trance and Metal


they did music for two video game DVDs then the site sat there un-updated since sometime 2003. now the latest is that the album is finally to be released.


From http://www.digitalnewage.org/ :


01/25/05 | DigitalNewAge Release Coming Soon!!!!!!!!!

posted by: jerry


After a very long wait DigitalNewAge is going to release an album very soon there isnt an exact date yet, but it is coming very soon!!! So please keep posted for a release date and purchase information..Thankyou for your patience.


here are two samples they have had up for like over 2 years:





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Melodies are important. Catchy melodies are more important.


I like the second linked sample more. The first one is decent I think. It seems more hard and pumped up than the second sample, and the melodies and darker tone or whatever works well I think, but I think it sounds a bit lacking something catchy, and a bit repetitive, and not just because of the guitar riffs, its just pretty repetitive overall, with the only real thing that lifts it higher, being the melodies since the cool guitar riffs don't seem to be going anywhere. Being heavy is fine of course, and I REALIZE these are just samples from obviously much longer songs. This reminds me of some Tim Shuldt stuff. Thankfully, there are NO singing in the samples and I hope there won't be any of that singing in the overall songs either. Singing (unless its done like track 8 in Talpa) rarely works in psytrance, period. No need to distract from the kickass sounds, melodies, and vibes.


but 3 years and 2 months, for this??? If thats true, I really hope every track is great for that amount of time!


I think it sounds interesting. Of course there is a line that really separates people who are and are not into this metal-psytrance. It seems hard to tell what the entire songs will be like based on the samples, and I'm glad there are melodies... as the second link seems to have more change, the song goes more places and is more interesting I feel.


I think those who like Sun Project and Four Carry Nuts will like this stuff alot, but from the samples, Four Carry Nuts really blows away this stuff... hopefully this album has some really monster tracks like tracks 1 and 7 on Four Carry Nuts were very impressie epic-melodic, metal-psytrance!!!


Anyway, I'm interested in hearing more when it comes out, hopefully not too long now.. And I guess that DigitalNew Age is how you spell the name of this group. ;)

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