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Nik©    0

NEW YEARs PARTY @ TDC SKLAD December 31st 2004






Vibra ( Neurobiotic Records, Brazil )


Vibra is a side-project of Daniel Costa from Brazil. Vibra produces full on psychedelic trance and progressive. Vibra has released tracks on many of the global labels such as 3D Vision, Ajuca, Com.Pact, Dragonfly, Doof, High-End, Neurobiotic and Trama.


Pop Stream ( Spectrum, Israel )


Spectrum music has brought us some of the best new full-on artists. Now they bring to you Pop Stream, a young talented trance artist from Israel. They consider him their biggest discovery since 'Atomic Pulse'!


N3xu5 ( Kagdila Records, Portugal )


N3xu5 project was started in September 2001. This music is about day-by-day feelings and events of his life. He always keeps the good vibe on the dance floor with funky trippy tunes with a bit of darkness and psychedelic effects. He released on Doof rec, Parvati rec, Deja vu rec, Ketuh records and more. Check out his new album, soon to be released on Kagdila Records and tracks on compilations by inpsyde media, peak records, Stone Age records and discovalley records, which are coming out in the beginning of 2005.






Inon ( Pop Stream / Spectrum Records, Israel )


Mish ( n3xu5 / Deja Vu Records, Portugal )


Brain Terrain Project vs Mukti ( TDC, NY )


Mad-Orange ( TDC / Mad-Orange, NY )


Isvara ( TDC, NY )


And Special Guests


Psychovisual environment by:


Flurodelic LunaShamaDelic ( Lunatics Brothers , NYC )


Daya Cayung ( Dreamcatcher studio , Indonesia )


Kata ( studio 55)




$ 50 - presale ( Before December 26th )

$ 60 - presale ( After December 26th )

$ 70 - at the door






69 9th Street

Brooklyn NY 11215


Psychoactive sonic attack from 10PM to Noon


18 to party 21+ to drink w/ID








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Nik©    0

Hey people. I have some bad news and good news. It seems that Pop Stream will not be able to make it to the event due to personal reasons. That was the bad news and we are sad that he can't make it.


Now for the good news. We have Atomic Pulse coming in his place to bring you a killer live and DJ set.

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the one    0

hey guys this sounds like a great party to start the new year any comments about this?? how was it did you have fun?? I would like to see some pics from this hope you have some to share, I have a fascination whit visuals too if any of you have information about the artists that would be great thanks :D

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