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Ralph? The time has come...


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"Ralph? The time has come...to go out of your mind. Are you ready, Ralph? Are you ready to die and be reborn?" The sample is very long and this excerpt is from the beginning of the tune.


It's Timothy Leary speaking to (I asume) Ralph Metzner.


The tune in question is minimal and very dark and deep, the atmosphere fits the sample perfectly.


I would like to know what track it is and if possible the source of the sample.

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Wow, the search is over 10 jears old... ^^


Do you mean "Björn Wilke - are you ready Ralph" Hablando Records in 2004???

You will find it on YouTube! I think there is another Track uses this samples by "Prince of Denmark" but the other one sounds more like the one you are searching for.


I remember there was a realy good Remix on my Harddrive...

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On 8/22/2021 at 12:53 PM, Tsotsi said:

Wow I hope this is it. What a search.

Can't be :P ... the tune was released in 2010, the thread is from 2004 :D

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