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Plastikman - Artifakts


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Here is one of those minimal releases that you either love or hate. This minimal ambient is pretty good for my ear cause it is distinct and pretty catchy. It is filled with hypnotic, soothing 303 sounds that catch your brain instantly and put it on some strange frequency. This album is only for chilling, when you want to let your brain float and be hypnotised by bleeping sounds of 303, mixed with some kind of minimal structured bass lines that set specific atmosphere. Richie Hawtin made quite diffrent album than CONSUMED, the one he made before this one and while he is exploring some earth realms on that one, here he goes more into space. I like all of the tracks but the best ones are : KORRIDOR, PSYK, PAKARD, ARE FRIENDS ELECTRIK...8/10

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Tis a cosy listen indeed. Very, very smooth. Well described above :rolleyes:


Did he do some sort of trilogy that this album was part of, or that they were supposed to have different vibes/themes?? Been a while since i listened to Plastikman.


Have you heard Parasense - Plastic Man ? Its pretty much hypokondriak done in the Parasense style.



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Hey Nefarious, I haven't heard Parasense - Plastic Man but will look for even though I don't like Parasense that much. ;) I don't think this album has to do with any trilogy but yes, albums Music, Consumed and Artifakts are all ambient journeys and they can be seen as some kind of trilogy. If you haven't heard, you should listen to Music as well, no matter it is his first album, it is still very good one...


MUSIC - 9/10

CONSUMED - 10/10


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"Music" is second not first album of Plastikman. The first one is "Sheet One". Very good minimalistic music but has nothing common with psychedelic sounds.

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"Music" is second not first album of Plastikman. The first one is "Sheet One". Very good minimalistic music but has nothing common with psychedelic sounds.

I disagree here. As far as Plastikman's initial phase, where his tracks were constructed mainly out of long and addicitve acidic synths, percussion and/or glimpses of melody, background sounds, I find "Artifakts" to be his strongest album.


Despite the fact it lacks killer classics the name Plastikman is frequently associated with, as an album and a front to back listen, together with "Consumed", I am pretty confident "Artifakts" marks the peak of Plastikman's opus. "Sheet One", "Musik" and "Recycled Plastik EP" at least in my book, were hit and miss material. All three had timeless gems, but packed a certain quantity of dull, artsy/nerdish and instantly forgettable tracks. "Artifakts" does not suffer from that issue.


In fact, even now I don't have any particular track from this album floating around in my mind (except for Are Friends Elektrik?!?!, but it's kinda hard forgetting that one...), but I do recall the entire album being an extremely psychedelic and mesmerizing trip down to the essence of minimalistic sound. Great album!


In fact, few albums with a strucutre so relatively simple have such power and ability to provoke such a wide spectre of moods, feelings, ideas and portray such diversity and wealth of sound. I love it, or better yet, used to. It's been ages though...

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