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VA - Natural Born Chillers [Aleph Zero]

Aleph Zero

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VA - Natural Born Chillers [Aleph Zero]



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Hello to all =)


Our new release is finally ready. It's a wonderful compilation featuring 10 new tunes, which most are exclusive to this release!



Here's the official release info-


Artist: Various Artists.

Title: Natural Born Chillers.

Genre: Chill Out, Electronic, Ambient.

Label: Aleph Zero Records

Media Format: CD

Catalog No.: AlephZ03

Release Date: November, 30th 2004.



After two highly successful albums from Shulman and Bluetech, Aleph Zero is proud to present our first compilation, making the claim--we are NATURAL BORN CHILLERS !!!


The 10 Natural Born Chillers featured here promise your mind the chance to chill out, relax, and project itself to other realms and mental soundscapes with deep powerful emotions and cutting edge sounds.


Among the Natural Born Chillers, you will find established artists from around the world such as: Omar Faruk Tekbilek, Shulman, Ishq, MIDIval PunditZ, Son Kite, and J.Viewz, as well as featuring promising

new artists from Aleph Zero such as: Agalactia, Anahata, Cosmic Fools, Eastern Spirit, Jirah and Zen Mechanics.


Compiled by DJ Shahar & Shulman, the album constructs a musical genre-breaking journey, spiraling up from quiet penetrating dream soundtracks, through hypnotizing atmospheric moments, dubb sequences and mystical ambient touches, all the way to relaxed body moving tunes.


Through the journey, you'll visit different corners of the universe from Ireland to India and Egypt on our humble earth all the way to far away galaxies. All tracks featured here have passed through the Aleph Zero high quality music filter, have been digitally mastered by Shulman, and promise your ears and mind complete enjoyment!


Come chill with us - be a natural!



Track listing:


01 . Ishq - Alaya.

02 . Anahata - Shakti.

03 . Zen Mechanics - A New Philosophy.

04 . Jirah - Disconnect.

05 . Agalactia - Monochrome Rainbow Pixie.

06 . Cosmic Fools - Be Yourself.

07 . J.Viewz - Estha.

08 . Son Kite - On Air (MIDIval PunditZ remix).

09 . Omar Faruk Tekbilek & Steve Shehan - Ya Bouy (Shulman remix).

10 . Eastern Spirit - Under Water (part one).


Total playing time: 79:10



Check out the wonderful E-Flyer: http://www.aleph-zero.info/NBCeflyer.htm



Cover image: http://www.aleph-zero.info/NBCSleeveFront.jpg



Additional info and samples: http://www.aleph-zero.info/nbcrelease.html





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from the samples, this cd will kick ass no doubt.... Omar Faruk (shulman rmx)? What a combination!! new on air rmx, new ishq, woaaaaaaaa..


and cool cover...


Waiting for it, a sure buy... 30th of november



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Hi all,

Natural Born Chillers has been released a couple of weeks ago and it's been topping the charts and getting excellent reviews and feedbacks.



For those of you who didn't have the chance to listen yet, we've arranged for you an online launch on Digitally Imported Radio- www.di.fm on January 5th of the new year- that's Wednesday, and you can find all the details here:






Be sure to check it out, and we wish you a happy new year, a year of peace, love and good music!

Shahar & Shulman,

Aleph Zero.




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