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Found 5 results

  1. Artist: Fabio Fusco Title: Therapy Label: Spin Twist Records Date: 24 November 2017 Tracklist 1. Be with you 2. Hologramm 3. Therapy 4. Distorted reality 5. Travelling lights 6. I see the future 7. Forget about everything 8. Neelix - People (Fabio Fusco remix) 9. Freakquency 10. Out of control When it comes to progressive clubby trance Fabio Fusco does it best. I've had the pleasure of seeing him and Moon in Melbourne a few years ago, my friends still weren't sold on psy trance, I assured them Fabio & Moon would change their mind. Of course Tsotsi was right. Unlike some prog out there which is made to sound like prog, Fabio uses the same instruments and sounds to make tracks to set the dance floor alight. A dj could play each of these tracks without having to touch the decks once. each act of the song changes quickly enough that you never get bored of a repetitive 128 bar 'dugga dugga'. The breaks come quickly and the builds are just perfect. The album has an atmospheric darkness to it that like everything else in each of the tracks, makes it perfect for a club dance floor. As I said I've seen him perform live and I can tell you that the set was 100% fun from start to finish. Therapy is no different, with the albums title track 'therapy' being my favourite (Beatports too for a short while) 'be with you' 'I see the future' and 'out of control' 'Travelling Lights' coming up close behind. If you like clubs, if even a little bit of you likes prog, or if you like music that sounds like its been spun by a top dj, this album might tickle some part of you. I rate it 5 red bull vodkas. https://www.beatport.com/release/therapy/2154820
  2. Artist: Vaishiyas Title: Spacelord Remixes Label: Spin Twist Records Date: 23-03-2010 Style: Progressive Trance Tracklist: 1. Vaishiyas - Spacelord (Float Remix) 2. Vaishiyas - Spacelord (E-Clip Remix 3. Vaishiyas - Spacelord (Zyce Remix) 4. Vaishiyas - Spacelord (Flegma & Nerso Remix) 5. Vaishiyas - Spacelord (Ectima Remix) 6. Vaishiyas - Spacelord (Original Mix) The original Spacelord is a nice one, not your typical progressive. It's very melodic from the start but a little later it develops in to a tight and solid track in a sort of smart way. Good job by Vaishiyas, this German producer set the standards high with the original and now it's time for the guys of TesseractStudio to show what they can do with it. The first to remix is Float, making it very minimal. Now don't get me a wrong, I'm a fan of the more minimalistic music myself but at first this one seemed a little to calm. At the beginning it didn't do it for me, but I gave it a few more listens while concentrating on the song and it made me understand the track a little bit better. Not as energetic as the other stuff on this album but I love how Float left the melody alive and throws this in during the break. Not bad after all. E-Clip is next with a heavy take on the original. Straight away he comes in with powerful bass lines and super effective touches, making this track an absolute killer. One of my favorite remixes without a doubt. Zyce takes a whole different turn, giving things a bit of a tribal groove with the necessary percussion during the song. Still he's not forgetting to keep things very melodic and warm. Now the Flegma & Nerso remix is my ultimate favorite track of this release. It's a perfect mix of melodic trance, straight forward progression and stomping beats. Things are made a bit more spacey, after all the original is called Spacelord. Everything about this track is very intelligent and the brake halfway the song really got me going. Perfect floater, just this track alone is almost worth getting the whole album! Last but not least is the Ectima remix. It doesn't flow as smoothly and crispy as the other tracks and I must say I have heard better Ectima tracks and remixes. But never the less it's a fun little track in my opinion, with more of a darker feel to it. The whole setting and the way E-Clip, Flegma & Nerso, Zyce and Ectima appear in this album, reminds me a lot of the Multistop Remixes album, by Ritmo and NOK. One by one they basically deliver the same quality as on the other remix album and they stayed extremely loyal to there style. Not saying these remixes look just like the Multistop remixes, but they did exactly what was expected of them. Great job! Links: http://www.beatport....-remixes/222986 http://www.spintwist.de/
  3. Artist: Unseen Dimensions Title: Real High EP Label: Spin Twist Records Date: 29-06-2012 Style: Progressive Trance Tracklist: 1. Beautiful Day 2. Gold Star (Natural Vibes Remix) 3. Real High Unseen Dimensions is all about the groove, he made this very clear with his Airglow EP, released in 2011. In my opinion this was one of the best progressive EP's I heard in my life and it takes a lot to over class it. This style is truly original and I can't remember hearing anything similar to it. I like it when someone goes out of there way to create something new, it really makes it worth listening to. So far Airglow, now it's time to get Real High. I mean this in in every sense of the word. Beautiful Day is a great track, going a bit more towards the Spin Twist offbeat style but staying loyal to the original twisted funky sounds that I'm used to hearing. It's filled with all kinds of layers making it a very clever track. There's so much going on, that I wasn't bored once. Enjoyed it a lot! Now I think Gold Star is a hard one to remix. One again the original track was filled with all kinds of effects, making it very atmospheric and complicated in a good way. Actually I just played it before the Natural Vibe remix and it always stays a real journey. The remix is much more powerful and aggressive if you will. The bass line is heavy and you can still sense the original track in it. I can imagine a dance floor will go crazy over this one. Near the end I was thinking about how much I enjoyed it so far. Then it surprised me with some dubstep like ending, this disappointed me. Things would of been so much cooler if that was left out. Luckily it was near the end and not right in the middle. But still.. The last track was not my favorite, I can say it was a fun little floater. Real High just had a little less to offer than all the other tracks I know from Unseen Dimensions. I don't know, other tracks were filled all the way so this gives me a slightly empty feeling. Never the less, I get the impression this guy knows what he's doing. This release is a good piece of work, but I think it will be hard for anyone to create something as good as his first EP. Good job! Links: http://www.psyshop.c.../spn1dw089.html http://www.beatport....h-single/935062 http://www.facebook....nseendimensions http://soundcloud.com/unseendimensions http://www.spintwist.de/
  4. Artist: Odiseo Title: Fenix EP Label: Spin Twist Records Date: 25-10-2011 Style: Progressive Trance Tracklist: 1. Api (06:16) 2. Fenix (06:52) It didn't take me long to find out that I absolutely love this EP! It's one on the lighter side of progressive and It has this offbeat touch to it, typical Spin Twist Records. If you can dig this style, you will probably enjoy this release a lot. Another thing I love is the perfectly matching voice sample in the 'Api' track: 'There is something you need to know about progressive music. It makes your life much better!' I'm not making this up, I can proudly say I have noticed it throughout my life and this song proves it once again. If you don't believe me just go listen to this EP and you will notice it soon enough. 'Fenix' is the same story as 'Api', both tracks have such a slick and crispy feeling to it, that while I'm listening I just don't want it to end. What more can I say, Odiseo did a great job if you ask me. Really living up to the other stuff he produced. Links: http://www.beatport....fenix-ep/689285 http://www.spintwist.de/ http://soundcloud.com/odiseo http://www.facebook.com/Odiseomusic
  5. Artist: Phaxe Title: Mr. Bogart EP / Unknown Language EP Label: Spin Twist Records/ Blue Tunes Records Date: April / May 2011 Mr. Bogart 1. So F**king Beautiful 2. Mr. Bogart Unknown Language 1. Unknown Language 2. With In (Phaxe Remix) - Vice That's right ladies another EP twofer. This is Kevin Josefsen who put out an EP called Train Boogie (review here http://www.psynews.org/forums/index.php?/topic/61933-phaxe-train-boogie-ep/page__hl__phaxe__fromsearch__1) in a very melodic and spacious style. I've been getting a lot of EP's lately not because I want to help the music industry, but because I have a short attention span. 2 tracks per EP? Sure, I can digest that. You try hanging around a 2 year old all day and see where that takes you. So F**king Beautiful- This is the first track and before you ask me about Bogart, he was before my time you callous bastards. And just so you know Kevin, titling your track as you did bears a great responsibility. Don't make it suck. Unfortunately you hit strike ond fairly early with the repeated sample screaming the track title. But I'm a forgiving guy and the pad stabs feel pretty good. The track has a very mainstream trance vibe and I feel like I'm listening to Digweed or Van Dyk. Not in the euphoric raise my hands in the air like I just don't care feeling either. Too much of a good thing gets old and that sample is exhibit number one. Not bad, but I've heard you make better Kevin. Mr. Bogart- "Everything you do...All I want to do..." Popcorn lead and not a whole lot going on. It's more of the popular trance kind of stuff with the included breathy sample to add urgency. Might as well have been a Pet Shop Boys remix. This is nothing like his previous output and while not terrible just doesn't move me. Instead of the ultra layered melodic style he went in a more minimal filler direction. Unknown Language- Now this is more like it. With a deliberate beat a soft melody floats above right into a break that drifts across space. It takes a nice turn after the break continuing with its groovy style. I can see this being played with lights flashing all over the place. Was it a little long? Sure, but it was still good. When you absolutely positively have to have the most expensive light show in history. With In (Phaxe Remix)- "In just a moment you will learn to interpret your dream. Because this dream is part...of who you really are." This one was bouncy and tight, with all the sounds in the right place. It had a cold and digital feel while keeping the groove the whole way through. Effects echoing off the hull of the spacecraft as melodies saturate the view screen. Even though it leaned a little to the dark side it still elicited a smile. Well done. I easily preferred the Unknown Language EP with it's progressive attitude and melodies. Mr Bogart was a turn towards the commercial direction that didn't suit me. Mr. Bogart EP http://www.beatport....ogart-ep/350684 Unknown Language EP http://www.beatport....language/352325Mdk Mdk
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