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Found 7 results

  1. Artist: Para Halu Title: OMG Kush EP Label: Psylife Records Genre: Psy Trance Format: Digital Track list: 01. OMg Kush 02. Candy Trip Better fasten your seat belts because two hot new psychedelic stompers are here to spin your world all around! Para Halu’s newest EP called OMG Kush features the title track and Candy Trip, both have been rigorously tested on psytrance dancefloors worldwide in the past few months. Out now, enjoy the ride!!! Listen & Download: http://music.psylife.net/album/omg-kush More info PARA HALU http://www.parahalu.net http://www.facebook.com/parahalu http://www.soundcloud.com/para-halu http://www.twitter.com/parahalu PSYLIFE RECORDS http://www.facebook.com/psyliferecords http://www.soundcloud.com/psyliferecords http://www.youtube.com/psylifenet Written and produced by Adam Hohmann @ Para Halu Studio Available on http://www.psylife.net and coming soon to Beatport, iTunes, and all the major digital music shops worldwide. Stay tuned! Support the Artist directly: you can also always send donations to Para Halu through Paypal, his account is info@psylife.net.
  2. Title: Spirit Medicine EP Artist: Fungus Funk & Para Halu Label: Psylife Records Genre: Psychedelic trance Format: Digital Download Release Date: 12 July 2014 Track list: 1. Fungus Funk vs. Para Halu - Spirit Medicine (original mix) https://soundcloud.com/para-halu/fungus-funk-para-halu-spirit-medicine 2. Fungus Funk vs. Para Halu - Spirit Medicine (Fungus Funk edit) https://soundcloud.com/psyliferecords/fungus-funk-para-halu-spirit-medicine-edit 3. Fungus Funk vs. Para Halu - Spirit Medicine (Spacequake remix) https://soundcloud.com/spacequake/fungus-funk-para-halu-spirit-medicine-remix FULL TRACKS & DOWNLOAD: http://music.psylife.net/album/spirit-medicine "In many shamanic societies, if you came to a medicine person complaining of being disheartened, dispirited, or depressed, they would ask one of four questions. When did you stop dancing? When did you stop singing? When did you stop being enchanted by stories? When did you stop finding comfort in the sweet territory of silence?" Fungus Funk & Para Halu 's new collaboration track called Spirit Medicine is a tribal stomper for the 21st century psychedelic generation... featuring two altered versions by Fungus Funk and Spacequake (Adam's alterego for crazy broken beats). Written and produced by Sergey Prilepa (Fungus Funk) and Adam Hohmann (Para Halu, Spacequake). Drawing by Kornera - http://kornera.deviantart.com FUNGUS FUNK Facebook - http://on.fb.me/1nouF6R SoundCloud - @fungus-funk PARA HALU Facebook - http://facebook.com/parahalu SoundCloud - @para-halu Twitter - http://twitter.com/parahalu SPACEQUAKE Facebook - http://facebook.com/spacequakemusic SoundCloud - @spacequake PSYLIFE RECORDS Facebook - http://facebook.com/psyliferecords SoundCloud - @psyliferecords YouTube - http://youtube.com/psylifenet
  3. Title: Remixes II - Adrenochrome Artist: Para Halu Label: Psylife Records Genre: psytrance Format: Digital Download Release Date: February 25, 2014 Tracklist: 1. Adrenochrome part 2 2. Adrenochrome (Neuromotor Remix) 3. Adrenochrome (Electrypnose Remix) 4. Adrenochrome (Yarn Remix) "NEVER MIND. IT'S ABSOLUTELY PURE." It's OUT! The new Para Halu Remixes EP from ADRENOCHROME including a part2 of the original and three outstanding reworks from Electrypnose, Neuromotor and Yarn. Listen & download at http://music.psylife.net/album/remixes-ii-adrenochrome coming soon to Beatport, iTunes, etc www.psylife.net www.facebook.com/ParaHalu www.electrypnose.com www.facebook.com/IAMNEUROMOTOR www.facebook.com/YarnSounds
  4. PARA HALU - SKY CITY Remixes EP Release Date: 28 May 2013 Format: Digital Available on www.psylife.net and Beatport, iTunes etc 1. Sky City (Fungus Funk remix) 07:56 2. Sky City (Hyper Frequencies remix) 07:50 3. Sky City (Terrafractyl remix) 08:01 4. Sky City (Nagz remix) 04:20 After releasing his 6th album this February legendary Para Halu, who has been producing some of the most influential psytrance music for more than a decade, returns with the first in line of a new remix series - a fresh collaboration between true pioneers of the genre. The massive psy anthem Sky City became an instant classic among fans upon its release and is now masterfully remixed by Fungus Funk (Russia), Hyper Frequencies (France) and Terrafractyl (Australia), all known for their unique and uncompromised sound. On the top of it all a very interesting freestyle non-trance remix by fellow Hungarian producer Nagz is also included. Credits: Fungus Funk remix by Sergey Prilepa, Russia Hyper Frequencies remix by Gilles Beraud, France Terrafractyl remix by Felix Greenlees, Australia Nagz remix by David Halmi, Hungary Original "Para Halu - Sky City" written by Adam Hohmann, Hungary. LISTEN AND DOWNLOAD HERE: http://music.psylife.net/album/sky-city-remixes More info: www.parahalu.net www.facebook.com/parahalu www.soundcloud.com/para-halu
  5. For a limited period of time the newest Para Halu album is available for a special friendly "EarlyBird" price of 5 euros at www.psylife.net , Adam's own label. Support the Artist directly! Coming soon to all music shops... Acid Waltz released 15 February 2013 Psylife Records proudly presents the new album of legendary psytrance artist Para Halu. As a result of always evolving musical ideas and the constant desire to create something special and extraordinary Para Halu have influenced several producers in the psytrance scene during the past 10 years and Adam Hohmann proved himself to be a true pioneer of modern psychedelic dance music. The sixth album ACID WALTZ is a remarkable sequel to previous releases, telling a story of the incredible realms of the human mind and summing up the unearthly, adventurous Para Halu Experience in one epic journey. These magic sounds are designed with utmost care for furious dancing on massive psytrance dancefloors or spaceship travels through outer space. Adam's signature futuristic style comes with seriously trippy melodies, talking synths, playful noises, all carefully balanced on energetic, heavy basslines on the newest album which is the best Para Halu work to date. Pure, creative madness. Acid Waltz Mix on Soundcloud: http://soundcloud.com/para-halu/acid-waltz-mix-2013 More info www.parahalu.net www.facebook.com/parahalu www.soundcloud.com/para-halu www.psylife.net
  6. Para Halu live at Ozora 2012 free download: http://soundcloud.co...a-festival-2012
  7. 2012 = 10 Years of Para Halu... It was in 2002 when the first Para Halu tracks formed shape and the first show was played. Now after ten years, five albums and countless gigs around the world the 6th album is almost ready and due to release in 2012. For this very special anniversary a free album has been made available to download. This is "Beats & Pieces", a selection of tunes which were a significant part of the Para Halu live sets lately, always evoking an amazing response from the crowd. Also included are two explorations into different genres such as ambient and breaks. All tracks have been distributed separately on various EP's and compilations last year and together now they form a perfect free collection for all psy music lovers. Enjoy! more info: www.parahalu.net or go directly to: http://parahalu.bandcamp.com/album/beats-pieces
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