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Found 1 result

  1. Tsotsi

    VA - Lost In Bass

    Artist: Various Title: Lost In Bass Label: Troll N' Roll Records Release: March 22, 2019 Tracklist:- 1. Katastrof - Blurry Days 2. Toxic Anger Syndrome - Cell out 3. Gubbology - Cold Heart Warm Ass 4. Squees - Itchy Grub 5. Sonic Bandits - Techno Morgan 6. Frosty Fennic - Lost in Lost Out 7. Oliveira - Crystals 8. Kalumet - Ashram 9. Fractal Fungi - Keep Your Pants On 10. Svajigt - Gaffeltrucken 11. Total - Oljud 12. School Of Crystal Healing - Vayra Medicine Katastrof - Blurry Days: The compilation starts of nice and evil. Electro concrete blocks grind across the soundscape leavings shavings of psychedelia all around this track. The intro is trollrific. the rest of the track follows through with the relentless sputtering of composite layers going at one another. Toxic Anger Syndrome - Cell out: Moody and creepy is how Toxic Anger Syndrome starts and finishes Cell out. The higher pitched moments in the middle leave me a little unimpressed. Gubbology - Cold Heart Warm Ass: Exactly how i feel when the seat warmers take me by surprise. This guy gets better and better with every track. How he fits so much into 7 minutes is just testament to this little show off. A Leshen in the night that hangs over your head to taunt you with fingers of vines that come out from the tree tops to play. Squees - Itchy Grub: Another short track comes out of the depths to make you sway and stomp softly. Pulling at every part of your attention Itchy Grub sucks you down and spits you back out. Sonic Bandits - Techno Morgan: A fast pounder that trips you into another world. Tighten the Velcro on your jungle boots because from 2 minutes on you wont know what has taken over you & you're gonna need some reliable footwear. My Favourite so Far. Frosty Fennic - Lost in Lost Out: Organic intro and sweet hymning tells me this tracks gonna be a ride. Not the kind of ride that shoots you 2000 km's into the sky right away but the kind that gets you there in it's own time. Prepare for some whirly durlies. Oliveira - Crystals: Starting the track off like a Bluetunes prog banger Oliveira brings in a kick that assures you that will not be what you're getting. Instead we get a deep and exciting track that like all tracks here today suck you in. Another favourite for the stromy poise. Kalumet - Ashram: Just like the title suggests spirituality is everywhere for the intro at least. Speckled electrosis gets flung at you for the short 6 minutes and 18 seconds that make this track up. The first few minutes do it for me but the last 3 seem like they could have been a little more exciting. Fractal Fungi - Keep Your Pants On: Oh so Fractal Fungi is the morality police now huh? Not allowed to take my dacks off in the middle of the city? Not even if it's 3am? Or is the track that Fractal plays when a reveler can't help but go full frontal schlongle in the muddy center of the dancefloor? That would be a great inside joke. Psychedelic track that bangs and bangs and bangs, the outskirts of the track are like the outskirts of a dark forest that call you in for some mystery. Calling. Calling. & gotcha! Super trippy madness. Svajigt - Gaffeltrucken: I love the title and even more so when I find that it means Forklift in Danish. This is one Gaffeltruck you don't need a licence to ride. Just the courage to stand in the middle of a dark swamp alone with this playing in the background. *Shivers, all right then. Total - Oljud: Creepy ass intro has me scared straight away, the most evil of the tracks so far. The main lead is super aggressive and in your face but kind of in an endearing way. Like our fates we just have to accept it, my fate is clearly to sit here in darkness looking over my shoulder to make sure that a J├Âtnar hasn't just been summoned to gobble me down. School Of Crystal Healing - Vayra Medicine: Wow, just what the doctor ordered. A nice mellow outro track that heals the broken parts of you. Parts twisted and warped from the psychosis of some of these tracks. The second half takes us off into a new world that i was hoping for but not expecting. The best surprises of all you might say. I leave this Comp feeling rejuvenated and refreshed thanks to SOCH. I feel like Troll N' Roll have hit a six with this release. Some of the tracks didn't do it for me but will definitely appeal to those that like this labels darker and twisted works. The rest of the melodic pieces are what grabbed me. Favourites were 1, 3, 5, 7 11 & 12. https://trollnroll.bandcamp.com/album/va-lost-in-bass
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