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Found 3 results

  1. Artist: Various (It's Filipe) Title: Emotions From A Beija Flor Label: Good Dance Recordings Date: August, 2016 1.Jonni Dongju - Lion Savannah 07:07 2.Mana Source - Samurai 06:28 3.Tanzaku - Tanabata 06:56 4.Gankyil - Dhyani 06:25 5.Mana Source - Weevils Fly 06:22 6.Chynacid - Zen Dimensions 07:07 7.Medusis - Profound 07:40 8.Amithaba Buddha - Psyramid 07:53 9.Mana Source - Bonsai 07:13 10.Athenaia - Secret 06:38 11.Rainbow Islands - Seventh Heaven 06:08 Now this type of deja vu I don't mind. The Filipe Santos recycled greatest hits tour continues with his latest digital release. As I mentioned before in other reviews of his work I believe him to be more machine than man, churning out so many quality goa trance tracks that it defies imagination. The music is pure uptempo, melodic, layered goa and normally he intersperses some new tracks amidst the older stuff. Not today Gertrude. All have been released before, but from top to bottom this album is a blistering affair. Not a single dull moment to be found and one of the best collections of his music to date in my opinion. He should comment less on forums and get back to doing this type of stellar work, we'd all be better for it I'll tell you. I'm especially thankful for the Psyramid track as I had forgotten how utterly bad ass it was! My other favorite is Weevils Fly, a full-throated screamer of a track. Aside from the horrible cover (and let's be honest it's been a run of those) this thing is damn near flawless. Highly recommended. Good Dance Recordings
  2. Artist: Various (It's Filipe) Title: Zamaneh Sanguine Label: Good Dance Recordings Date: August, 2016 1. Washi - Shodo 2. Amithaba Buddha - Regain Control 3. Athenaia - Orphic Mysteries 4. Gankyil - Le Labyrinthe De La Grisaia 5. Pandemonium! - Sequoia 6. Ba'al - Profane 7. Pandemonium! - Clown In A Bag 8. Lost Buddha - Spiral Rotation 9. Pandemonium! - Wishing Machine 10. Amithaba Buddha - Uncharted Planet 11. Sphere of Consciousness - Sphere of Consciousness Bipolar disorder is no joke. Mood swings that can be severe, lasting months and is oftentimes hard to diagnose. Panic attacks. Real ones, not the ones we suffer when we go someplace without wi-fi. This is apparently what Filipe was struggling with and would definitely explain his behavior over the years. Hopefully that's in the past and with his medication here's to wishing him good health and progress. We know the type of music Filipe makes and the fact that he's been this productive is a testament to his talent. With one of his latest Zamaneh Sanguine combines Chinese and Arabic to mean "Time to be Optimistic." And if you've struggled with depression or bipolar disorder then any bit of optimism you can find is cherished like water in the desert. Although that cover doesn't look very optimistic. Perhaps he's closing the door on his demons and not looking back. The trend with Filipe's music as of late has been to make compilations where most of the tracks have been released before. Before you characterize that as a cash grab, I offer you this. He has been making music for over a decade and perhaps some of the tracks didn't measure up to today's production standards. Possibly due to his condition, he would often create a label and release some music and then just as quickly it would disappear. So for those who didn't purchase or have access to the treasure trove I see this as a positive. Also some of them you can't even find. The older tracks have been re-rendered (clearing up some vocal samples) and remastered with him adding some things where he thought necessary. He chose some of his favorites to put on this album along with one track that to my knowledge only showed up on the digital Cosmic Disorder compilation from 2007. Yep, Clown In A Bag. The new tracks are exactly what you'd expect from Filipe. Brutish power and layers of melody packaged in a seamless bundle. Shodo is a blistering opener while Orphic Mysteries races with abandon. Really blissful. New Gankyil always brings a smile and this plows straight ahead with some snap and pop. Profane delivers more of the same with a playful lead. I'll be honest with you. I can't tell an Amithaba Buddha from a Lost Buddha; and I wouldn't know a the difference between a Pandemon ium! and a Chynacid. The music is super and perfect if you want to build your Filipe Santos collection. Great taste of a bunch of his projects. Good luck with further releases and also with your recovery. Good Dance Recordings (Digital only)
  3. Yes. We finally did it. We got all (almost , but really a lot of!) the oldies. And they are unmixed! You will find in this massive compilation all the songs from that album including the very well sought after Astral Plains remix. Eternal Life and Lunar Stains are included + many others. We're not releasing the Sugar Rush remix because we all know the original and the remix is not much different so we decided to leave that one. Unfortunately as you would expect most of the songs came from mp3 files. And yes they did. We mastered some , some others we didn't do anything except levelling them up because they already had seem to be maximized and mastered in a way by Filipe when the songs were made and mastering on top of already mastered songs it really would make things worse believe us. So , what do we think? We think the songs are in acceptable good quality but most of Filipe's old work just simply sounds old and muddy but not because of it came from an mp3 file but because it was produced that way and no mastering can fix that. Yoga , Psyramid and Mental Maze were previously released by us and you can find them in these releases : Yoga (original mp3 sourced) and Mental Maze (original wav sourced) : https://gooddancerecordings.bandcamp.com/album/three-moons-and-one-shrine Psyramid (original wav sourced) : https://gooddancerecordings.bandcamp.com/album/emotions-from-a-beija-flor Apart from the old Buddha tracks , there is also another old unreleased Pandemonium song also coming from mp3 and we thought it would be worth a release aswel. There were a few others but nothing special really. We also tried to grab hold of the Amithaba Buddha - Solaris song but seems the file was corrupted by other previously used hard drives so it's just impossible to bring that one up. If Filipe finds it in a cdr we will release it but we really don't have hopes for that one and we apologise to the fans of that song. Lost in a Crystal Sphere unfortunately also couldn't be released because it seems to only exist in a mixed version and you can find that in the Phototropic Records release. https://www.discogs.com/Lost-Buddha-Untold-Stories/release/2776040 Denaris , Beast 303 , Drunk Pharaoh and Chemic Lab are originally Wav files. We know some people really were after these really old songs for years and we apologise for the originally sourced mp3 files but this is the best we could honestly do. Hope these songs will bring you much enjoyment and make many people happy once more. Kind regards , Good Dance Recordings. Total time : 2hours and 51minutes https://gooddancerecordings.bandcamp.com/album/liquid-sunshine-5
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