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Found 6 results

  1. Artist: Various Title: Firewall Label: Timecode Records Date: March, 2004 1. CPU - Keep The TimeCode 2. sHiFt - Dr. Silverman 3. Brethren - The Wolf 4. Twisted System - Artificial Intelligence 5. Artifakt - Right Foot 6. Rabdom L - Tantrum 7. Phyx - Contact 8. Triskell Vs. Audiobrains - Init 9. Broken Toy - The_Zine Family "Have you ever spent anytime with the zine family?" Ah...right about here is when South African psy superlabel Timecode was just getting into their stride. The Godfather of this type of psytrance they released album after album of crushing music for fans of the genre. It seemed that every release was better than the last, bursting with power and dark atmospheres. And this seemed to be where the momentum began. You got tracks from CPU and the triumvirate of sHifT, Phyx, and Twisted System that are just off the charts good. Artifakt brought his brand of tech-trance on a couple of tracks and the Brethren offering was another blaster. If you're a South African psytrance fan I believe this must be in your collection. Still sounds great today. Timecode Bandcamp Mdk
  2. Artist: Frozen Ghost Title: Sin For Dinner Label: Disasterpeace Records Date: 2009 1. Sour Kangaroo 2. Foxxy Underwear 3. Freakazoid 4. Rapture 2.0 5. Betelgeuse 6. Nine Kinds of Crazy (Cold Turkey) 7. Hiyarant - Smug (Frozen Ghost Remix) 8. Arranged 9. Sin For Dinner "I used to be beautiful. What happened to me?!?" Loud. Drenched in acid. Funky as f*ck. Madness. Relentless. Thumping. Temple pounding brain shredder. All avid descriptions of the insanity that Barry Wynne has created over the years. If you like South African psytrance with all of the qualities I listed above then this should be right in your wheelhouse. Think the Midnight Storm series rolled in cocaine. This was a digital release in only 256 mpbs quality 8 years ago, but recently he offered it for free in Wav quality. Unfortunately I can't locate it any longer, but here are some spots you can get it. One other thing to note, the Wav version differs from the one released in 2009. German Amazon I think DJ Shop Dj Tunes
  3. Artist: Tickets Title: Dreaming of Places Label: Timecode Records Date: December, 2008 1. Intro 2. Dark Fears 3. City In Japan 4. Harpsicheek 5. Finish What You Started 6. Aurora Borealis 7. The Quest Rmx 8. Circumstances 9. Massive Attack - Heat Miser (Tickets Remix) 10. Sympathise and Mesmerize Karma-karma-karma-karma-karma... Bringing back a classic! I mean...well, I didn't, uh...I didn't think it was a classic when it came out. But, like celebrities doing community service you pick up a few things. After his album Timelapse I was expecting more of the same and was a little disappointed he didn't deliver. No, you know what, disappointed wasn't the right word. I wasn't ready. This is a different direction yet he still hangs on to the signature Timecode rawness and brutality. The thump and acid are still there, but it's a deeper work. No longer is it just four on the floor power. It's rooted in cinematic grandeur not unlike Talpa's The Art of Being Non. Layers invite dark minor key exploration with a focus on atmosphere. Creativity abounds and it also brings that danceable Timecode swagger. It's like when the Beasties Paul's Boutique came out. I didn't get it, and thought those guys were done. I wasn't ready. And they f*cking kept on till that one guy died. But just feast on that Circumstances climax. Quality work that I can now appreciate. Looking forward to his next album. Now...can someone tell me what the f*ck Harpsicheek is? Beatspace Timecode Bandcamp
  4. Artist: Rubix Qube Title: Dark Continent Label: Spectral Records Date: May, 2012 1. Dark Continent 2. Sneaky Snake Eyes 3. Important Announcement 4. Brain Wave 5. Not Physically Possible 6. Demon Speeding 7. No Time 8. 7 Deadlies "This is not physically possible." Yet here we are. Rubix Qube is Kieron Grieve and I don't think he gets the accolades he deserves. Another South African churning out quality South African psytrance that simply flies under the radar. His album Ulterior Motives and the EP Saturate are prime examples of quality night time goodness. With this album there is a techno influence that he blends seamlessly with the power he's known for. It's chunky and metallic at times, but he can also buttsmack you with eminently danceable grooves. The tracks are frequently evolving, but with none of that repeated start and stop nonsense. Thank you. No really...thank you. When he thinks it's time for some hip gyrations he stays with the rhythm. Samples are well placed, but not overdone and the guitar he uses is not of the cheesy variety. It's got some bite. Also his bass lines are the type you can feel in your chest. Sneaky Snake Eyes is bad ass psychedelia, Not Physically Possible is acidic funkiness (dirty morning dry mouth made out with middle aged smoker chick funky), and any time you can essentially remix a Rob Zombie track...well that's a gold escalator to Heaven with zero waiting as far as I'm concerned. Haven't heard a heavy remix this good since sHiFt demolished Beautiful People by Marilyn Manson. And to end with 7 Deadlies? A track that magnificently changes shape like so much smoke is f*cking fantastic. I think I got carpel tunnel from hitting the repeat button on that one. Beatport Mdk
  5. Artist: sHiFt Title: O.M.G. EP Label: Nexus Media Date: June, 2012 1. 4th Dimension - sHiFt & Deliriant 2. Consequences 3. OMG 4. Can 'O Worms "Sounds like it's having a hallucinogenic effect." Was totally going on my first hike this year. 14.4 mile (wait, you might not know what a mile is...I think that's like 69 kilometers or something) loop through forests, up mountains, and along rivers. Peace and quiet and a chance to get away from the kids. Yep, today was gonna be awesome. Notice I said was. Unfortunately for me today was also the day that my wife's car decided to need a new starter. She's gotta get to work and that leaves my vehicle. Wait, maybe there's another way... Damnit, my kidnap rope is in the garage. So I watched her pull away in my jeep on her way to work, taking my fun day with her. Alas all is not lost. Sure I can't be outside, but I can enjoy the latest from Mr. Chris Hoy. This is a 4 track EP released by the outstandingly consistent Nexus Media. I haven't heard from him since his last album, but I remember reading something non-porn related where he said the fans don't like it when he strays from his style of dark, pumping, eerie dance mayhem. If that's you (it's me) then you will not be disappointed with this. He brings Mjolnir heavy beats with his signature minor key style. Plenty of lasers and acid blasts punctuated with cool samples. The first track is a collaboration with another South African psytrance destroyer Deliriant and it's like he never left. But for those who want something new injected into his music, well he even manages to throw in some dubstep on a couple of tracks that sound really good. Let's face it, this music is supposed to make you want to dance and he succeeds easily. But as per usual, he doesn't just craft mindless 4 on the floor aural beatdowns as his melodies and atmosphere make these tracks a powerful force to be reckoned with. I thought he was f*cking with me with the piano arpeggio on the last track, but he even made that work. Chris you've still got it. Hey look, I can see the mountains from my window. Beatport Mdk
  6. Artist: Deliriant Title: Paranoia EP Label: Kaos Krew Date: June, 2012 1. Radioactive 2. From The Void - Deliriant Vs. Mad Piper 3. Chronic V2.0 "I'll tell you what I do like though...a killer." Because I can't get enough of the South African sound, I decided to review this after the quality sHiFt EP O.M.G....not to be confused with the wailing of a near 40 year old named Usher. Shane Renew is no stranger to stomping twilight tracks. His first album Chemistry 2009 is one of the best I've heard to this day and his most recent Miracle Cure while not as great still brought the heat. This is a 3 track EP that includes a remix of Chronic from his album last year. Guy is also a sound engineer so obviously he knows what he's doing. Comparing him to other artists in this part of the genre is hard not to do as the same tricks are employed. Acid, big beats and rampaging bass lines. The power could use a little boost on the first track, but that is a minor quibble. From the Void sees him join forces with Mad Piper (whoever that is) and it works brilliantly. This was the one where it was all put together in a volley of acidic flash grenades. The last track was grea to begin with so unless there is a banjo solo with a member of Infected Mushroom singing it would be really hard to f*ck that up. But when you hear a sHiFt track you know it, and it's devastating. While all of them are pretty good, he has some short buildups that make me wince just a little bit. Still, if you're looking for some rocking twilight action you can't go wrong here. Juno Download Mdk
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