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Found 11 results

  1. Artist: Filteria Title: Live With The Lag Label: Suntrip Records Release: 29th April 2022 Things change, the world changes, we change but one thing we can be sure of is Filteria's powerful, crazy and beautiful symphonies. If someone had of asked you about the expected changes of the world 5 years ago another solid Filteria Release might have actually been the only thing you got right. Is that because Goa trance is the truth? HUH? Is it? Yea, that is why. This album is easily my favourite of his albums. And to be perfectly honest the only one I've really found myself getting fully immersed within. Much softer undertones and more uplifting floating moments than seen in previous albums but on the same trajectory. From Sky input, to Heliopolis to Daze and Lost in the Wild, this has very much been the direction Filteria is heading. Is this the Apex? Who knows, there is more time and trance seems to live in this sweet man. The stock markets have crashed, the housing markets have crashed, the crypto markets have crashed - But Filteria keeps us soaring to the Moon and beyond! Anyway, this is surprisingly the most concise review i've done yet. Enjoy https://suntriprecords.bandcamp.com/album/live-with-the-lag
  2. Sooo with 2019 kind of, nearly wrapping up i have been thinking towards what is to come and what im most excited for album wise in the rest of this year and into 2020.. For me im super keen to hear Triquetras follow up album. The first one blew me away and their live sets matched it somehow! Also keen to hear new Median Project after that being probably my album of the year, but that may be a while off... I think maybe Mindsphere is due as well for another great one? And not to forget probably my most anticipated, ok definitely my most anticipated goa album, from Filteria, whenever that may be! What about you? What are you guys excited for and what should i be excited for that i might have missed!
  3. Hello! Some for 90's Goa lovers with a lot of acid and melodies. Links: https://soundcloud.com/svetovit/svetovit-gole-transy-vol-3 https://www.mixcloud.com/Fabura/svetovit-gołe-transy-vol-3/ Tracklist: Miranda - Step To The Stars Pleiadians - Boarding Pass To Balangan Doof - Born Again Kind Of Intelligence - Pulsation Astral Projection - Let There Be Light (Filteria Remix) Mystica - Ever Rest (Mystica Mix) Chakra & Edi Mis - Final Mission Psychaos - Intellect
  4. https://www.facebook.com/goasiamusic/videos/10154311588688866/
  5. What is your favorite Filteria album, why and what tracks do you like the most on it? My favorite is Sky Input. Simply because I like the melodies and I think that it is well constructed. Favorite tracks are "Ultimator" and "Domestic Modulator".
  6. Filteria - Sky Input Remixed EP Self-released Bandcamp 2013 1. Operation Pulse (Remix) 09:24 2. Stars (Warped Remix) 08:21 3. Navigate (Pitch Down The World Mix) 09:09 4. The Snuggling Snail (Live Remix) 09:02 5. Ultimator (Ultimated Remix) 10:07 6. Operation Pulse (Live Remix) 11:19 Well this one went under the radar a little bit. Over a year and no review thread? Welp. Operation Pulse (remix) & (Live Remix) Well the Operation Pulse remixes are a little more uneventful, some of it's parts have different arrangement and some different details. The Live Remix has the original climax with a new take on the melody itself which makes it a bit more exciting but generally I didn't really care for these two remixes. The original is such a masterpiece there's not much you can do with it honestly. Stars (Warped Remix) Stars Starstuffing in a black hole instead? If you felt the original wasn't crazy enough he literally warped the melodies sound like they're being eaten out from inside. It's a lot less light as this remix is filled with darker moments of bubbling acid or otherwisely unnerving atmosphere. It's mental, a worthy successor to the original, though now I'm interested in hearing a version of just Stars. Navigate (Pitch Down The World Remix) Well first off the mix on this sounds very muddy. I don't know if this is intentional or just age taking it's toll, but it sounds much less sharp than the rest of the mixes. It's basically navigate with pitch adjustments and generally slower tempo. There's also many interesting parts like a break at 4:44 where he's just messing about with a knob and some high pitched sounds. And then a part after 5:50 where it just sounds like the track is literally dying, very funny. It's an interesting take on the track, but it's also holding back on the remix part imo, it still generally feels like the original track whereas I would have prefer ed to see it completely broken down, especially the main melodies. The Snuggling Snail (live remix) This one reminds me of how Etnica remixed their tracks, albeit could use a tad more grooveyness. It really goes out on creating more madness on top of the existing framework. A great example is a part at 5:29 where the melodies are coupled with wicked pleiadians-esque synth. Same goes for the ending. Another interesting track. Ultimator (Ultimated Remix) This one was already released and I've heard people say it's the best Filteria track ever. It very well could be! Also maybe one of the most intense remixes ever too. It's spaced out, it's emotional, it's maximal, it's clever and has perfect production. If you took best bits of Heliopolis/Sky Input era and crammed it into one track this would be the result. Absolutely an epic grand voyage'. Generally it's what you'd expect from a bunch of remixes (remastered might I add). A new(er) take on an old track. So how does it hold up? For the most part, definitely! What else? It's only 6€ and all funds go directly to support the artist. Worth it. http://filteria.bandcamp.com/album/sky-input-remixed-ep On another note I would love to see this happen again! Maybe some other unreleased tracks (like that one compilation that had 2 tracks that were never released) and remixes from Filteria AND KOB? I'm sure there are more and I'm also sure there are people ready to eat it up.
  7. It is enormous pleasure to inform you that our first VA baby arriving under the coordination of our beloved friend and associate DJ Inê Montagnana from Suntrip Records! It is ..:::GOA TRANCE LEGACY compiled by DJ INÊ:::.. Nine outstanding tracks carefully selected with some of the TOP Goa Trance names from the beginning till today! Astral Projection, Power Source, ManMadeMan, Omnivox, M-Run, Goasia, Filteria, Shakta, Psychowave, remixed artists like Prana, U-Recken and DigiCult... Pleasure to collaborate with friendly associates like Matsuri, Suntrip, Dacru, Green Spirit, Shiva Trance, SC Design, JZ Trance, Echo & Soundmute Bookings. We are all together creating this legacy for many generation on the dance floor, cars, home stereos, iPods and every single sound broadcaster! Enjoy the samples and feel free to be impatient till all tracks arrive on the major digital and CD platforms. Sincerely yours Spacedock Records www.facebook.com/Spacedockrecords and DJ INÊ www.facebook.com/goa.dj.ine Cover art Sara Constança www.facebook.com/saraconstancaphotography Mastering by Mario Matakovic aka M-Run www.facebook.com/Mrunpage
  8. There hasn't been enough Filteria talk on here as of late for me. I understand this album came out in 2013 now but quite frankly, nothing has come close since as far as artist development and maturity, album to album goes. The growth and inherent connection between Daze of our Lives and Lost in The Wild is obvious for any Filteria fan to hear, but I guess is maybe perhaps lost upon those who haven't followed the entire journey so far. For me, it is something akin to Jannis quite literally perfecting his craft and I'm guessing what he originally set out to do with Sky Input in this album. They are clearly worlds apart, but the idea and essence of pure goa trance convalesced so perfectly in Lost In The Wild that I can't help but feel he achieved what he always had set out to do from the start. So is everyone else still as enthralled with this album as I am? Are some people still longing for the more "noisy" Sky Input days? Don't get me wrong, I love any and all Filteria but for me the best part has been hearing the journey of a musician and producer growing as an artist along the way… PS: How the hell do you follow up on this album??
  9. Amazing news!!! Global Sect Music with Goabom.com open psychedelic Shop! T-shirts and hoodies for space fractal freaks http://globalsect.ru/shop/wear 100% russian quality, good prices and double СD VA Space Of Power for first 40 buyers! When you buy our wear you help make our upcoming VA more powerful! Enjoy
  10. We are proudly present the next adventure by PsiloSiva productions: "Resonance" - 18-19.10 - Israel Line up : Green Nuns of The Revolution - Live Retro Set Flying Rhino Records / UK Slinky Wizard - Live Retro Set Flying Rhino Records / UK Slinky Nuns - The Reunion Special Set (Slinky wizard Vs. Green Nuns Of The Revolution) Flying Rhino Records , UK Man With No Name - Live Retro Set Dragonfly Records / UK Filteria - Live Set (Launch New Album - Lost in the wild ) Suntrip Records /Sweden Deviant Electronics / Solar Systems - Live Retro Set Helix Records, Intruder Records / UK Ciaran Walsh - Live Set Blue Room Released / UK Aes Dana - Live Set Ultimae Records / France Sandman - Live Retro Set Matsuri Production's / Israel Shidapu Vs. Skizologic - Retro Set Zion 604 Records / Israel Sparrow PsiloSiva / Israel feel free to ask for more info also you can follow us on this links: Official Websaite : http://www.psilosiva.com/index.html Preview About Psilosiva : http://psilosiva.blogspot.co.il/ Official Facebook Group : https://www.facebook.com/pages/PsiloSiva/289826081079770?ref=ts Official Facebook EVENT: https://www.facebook.com/events/333276453476062/ *For more information (Tickets/Lift&more...) : info@psilosiva.com Psilosiva Productions.
  11. Hi everyone For all you that miss or still enjoy the old 2004 Filteria sound; I am bringing you the Sky Input Remixed EP. All these tracks were made 2003-2005. They have been remastered though to make them more balanced in the frequency spectrum. However I have left my trademark sound in there from that era. This release will be available at filteria.bandcamp.com and other online stores on Thursday (2013-02-14). I would like to mention also that there will be more unreleased stuff coming digitally, a 4th Filteria album and also a K.O.B. album. I hope you will enjoy it! Tracklist: 1. Operation Pulse (Remix) 2. Stars (Warped Remix) 3. Navigate (Pitch Down The World Mix) 4. The Snuggling Snail (Live Remix) 5. Ultimator (Ultimated Remix) 6. Operation Pulse (Live Remix) Thank you for your support! Take care / Jannis
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